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Dear Friendly Farmer,

My daughter has a pet rabbit and we like to feed it a little hay from time to time. Since we only need a little bit at a time, I usually just buy a bale at my local feed store, but the last time I went, hay DOUBLED in price! What gives? Can I get it cheaper from a local farmer?


Hay Now

Dear Hay Now,

Purchasing a bale of hay this year is going to be like buying a used car right after a global pandemic! Prices will be high and availability will be low. And here’s why: Making hay requires dry weather and we didn’t have much dry weather in New England so far this summer. Because of that, yield will be lower due to not being able to harvest at optimal times (hay fields are usually cut at least two times per year). So, purchasing that bale at your local feed store is going to be more expensive, but that still is the best way to go. Most farmers are interested in selling bales by the hundreds, not one or two at a time and likely won’t want to climb up into their hay loft just to sell you one. The good news is, hay at the local feed store is usually very good quality, so your bunny will love it!

Yours Truly,

The Friendly Farmer