Cub Scouts place in Pinewood Derby

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Derby results from March 11: Coleton Riley, who came in third place overall (block 1), Ryan Harvey, who placed fourth overall (block 2), and Nick Edgar who placed tenth place overall (block 3).


If you’ve ever been a Cub Scout or have a child in scouting, you know that one of the biggest events of the year is the Pinewood Derby. Starting with just a seven-inch-long block of wood, scouts—along with their parents—work weeks to design, cut, drill, sand, hammer and paint their block into a car design of their choosing, and compete for first place down a 30-foot-long, 16-inch-wide track.

The Cub Scout pack’s track is a classic, well used, beautiful wooden track with four lanes where every car has the chance to race down the track on each lane, averaging their times to determine the fastest cars and trophy winners.

Last year, the Lions Club of Granby helped support the pack with funding for a new timing system and this has greatly improved the running of the race and accuracy of the results. Thank you again to the Lions!

Our pack awards first, second and third place for each den (grade-based age group) and then an overall winner who gets to take home the largest trophy a child has likely ever held! This year, Coleton Riley, in his final year of scouting, took home that coveted trophy. In second place was Ryan Harvey and in third place, Grant Anderson beat out fourth place winner Nick Edgar by a fraction of a second.

After taking home the bling from our local race in February, the first and second place winners from each den in each pack within our larger district get to participate in the district Pinewood Derby on March 11. It was a great day and fun was had by all at both races!

Next year, be on the lookout for a community-based Pinewood Derby that the pack is considering hosting as a fundraiser.

Newcomer Grant Anderson, third place in February race. Submitted photos