Wells Road teachers lead by example

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Wells Road teachers Rob Faber and Sarah Warner. Photos by Rob Faber and Jake Koteen

At Wells Road Intermediate School, we are always talking about being kind and helping people when they need it, so it’s good to see the teachers leading by example. That is exactly what teachers Rob Faber and Sarah Warner did in response to the Ofsuryk family’s loss.

On New Year’s Eve, former Wells Road students, Paityn and Allie Ofsuryk, lost their mother in a tragic car accident. Their mom, Tricia, was the rock of the family. She was a selfless giver to her community. Rob and Sarah knew both of Tricia’s daughters. When they heard about Tricia’s death, they knew they had to do something. They brainstormed a fundraiser and called it Beast Mode Photo Sessions.

Using their talents, they created a way for the community to give back to the family. Faber is not only a 4th grade teacher, but he is also the owner of RJ Photography. Warner is the school’s Music teacher and band director and is passionate about music.

Tricia was always giving to the community and her family. For instance, when Tricia’s sister died, she took her son in and cared of him until her death. Tricia took care of her special needs daughter, Paityn, along with her other daughter Allie. She was also well loved by her husband Richard Ofsuryk, who misses her dearly.

Tricia Ofsuryk, husand Richard, daughters Allie and Paityn. Photo courtesy of the Ofsuryk family

Faber and Warner’s unique fundraiser was open to current students, past students, and families from Granby and beyond. They were invited to bring something they are passionate about, whether a sport, an instrument, or even a book, and give their best “beast pose” for the camera.

With help from other Wells Road staff, former students, and other residents, Faber and Warner raised a little over $4,500. A hundred percent of the proceeds were given to Ofsuryk family.

Kindness is a main theme for students at Wells Road. The school community is always looking for ways to be kind. It is encouraged by Principal Greer and the teachers. Faber and Warner provided an amazing gift for Tricia’s family, but they also gave the gift of leading by example to their students.

This story about two wonderful, kind, and fun teachers will encourage more people to give selflessly to the community. But being kind doesn’t mean you have to give someone money. Saying hello or asking someone how they’re doing can be enough. You, too, can show the heart that was shown by these Wells Road teachers.

Author Aubrie Koteen