Long-time election moderators honored

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Patty Sansone (l.) and Diane Neumann-Hernsdorf were feted at a poll workers’ tea Submitted photo

A Poll Worker Thank You Afternoon Tea party was held on Feb. 8 to honor long-time election Moderators Diane Hernsdorf and Patty Sansone. Poll workers from the 2022 election and Town Hall employees gathered to thank them for their years of service. As a special thank you gift, Tom McGuire created beautiful wooden pens made from the Granby Oak tree.

The Registrars thanked everyone attending for their commitment to volunteerism, ensuring everyone has a right to vote. In the words of Paul Willis:

“Those long hours at the poles are preceded by endless planning and teaching volunteers in the best practices of holding an election. It must be noted that Diane and Patty arrived early, at 4:30 a.m. and stayed well after the polls closed to make certain that every Election was fair, equitable and the numbers were accurate. We all owe them a debt of gratitude.”

The Registrars also acknowledged the invaluable contribution of Town Manager Erica Robertson, Town Clerk Scott Nolan, Public Works Director Kirk Severance for their support. A new generation of Moderators and Assistants, including Stephanie McGuire, Sandy Lee, Vinny Tokarz, Karen Antonucci, was also thanked for their enthusiasm in assuring that every vote counts.