Granby Police Dept. achieves gold standard in public safety services

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One of the benefits of writing an article for our local paper every month is that I get to share some insight with residents about what is going on behind the scenes at Town Hall and the work being done in our departments to keep things running smoothly. This month I wanted to highlight the good work being done at the Granby Police Department (GPD).

Chances are if you have lived in Granby for any length of time you or someone you know has needed the police. Whether it was for a routine wellness check on your neighbor, a bear at your birdfeeder, a minor car accident or a major emergency, the Granby Police Department is always ready, capable and willing to respond to the needs and requests for help from our community. Our highly trained officers provide exceptional service and protection to the Town. Members of the force participate in a regional training program one week per year and also receive specialized training in areas such as investigations, firearms and defensive tactics.

We are proud of our officers and their dedication to the residents of Granby. But we are not the only ones that think the department is pretty great! The GPD has been recognized nationally and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), which is considered the International Gold Standard for Public Safety Agencies. Granby was accredited in May 2019 and was recognized for excellence in law enforcement agency management and service delivery.

Initial CALEA accreditation is a long-term, rigorous process which involves a top to bottom review of all policies and procedures, public feedback and engagement and an on-site visit and inspection by CALEA assessors. The final decision to accredit is made by the commission. Once accredited, the department is evaluated each year for continued compliance and the process is renewed every four years.

GPD is in its fourth year and is currently working on reaccreditation. While re-upping is not the exact process as the initial accreditation, it is just as rigorous and requires a significant amount of work to ensure the department is following hundreds of nationally recognized, professional law-enforcement standards and to prepare for the visit by the CALEA assessors.

Reaccreditation ensures policies and procedures are in place to guide our officers and protect our citizens. If you would like to submit a comment about the police department or the accreditation process, visit the police department page on the Town of Granby website. We are confident the hard work will pay off and the Granby Police Department will once again be recognized as an elite law enforcement agency in 2023.

Accreditation is a coveted award that symbolizes professionalism, excellence and competence. We are very proud of the efforts of the department to maintain this status while keeping Granby safe and protected. The next time you see one of our officers, thank them for all they do!