New sugar maple at Mary Edwards Property

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Joe Smith of Hanley Landscaping, Don Ford of Stonegate Gardens, Patrick Hanley of Hanley Landscaping, GLT President Rick Orluk, and GLT Vice President Dave Emery. Photo by Ed Judge

On Oct. 19, the Granby Land Trust planted a young sugar maple near the iconic, old sugar maple in the front field on the GLT’s Mary Edwards Mountain Property.

Sadly, the old sugar maple is in decline, having survived several lightning strikes, the most recent which set the tree on fire. In addition, very dry conditions this summer were a hardship for the old tree. Our fingers are crossed that she will have many years left, but the good news is that now the majestic old tree has a young friend to keep her company as she enters her sunset years.

The Land Trust would like to recognize and thank Don Ford of Stonegate Gardens, who donated this beautiful young tree, as well as Pat Hanley of Hanley Landscaping, who donated his services to plant it. Granby is an incredible place with so many generous citizens who care deeply about Granby’s natural beauty—people like Don and Pat—and, of course, Mary Edwards, who donated this property to the Granby Land Trust to ensure its permanent preservation for all to enjoy.