Wildlife Meadow will be studied by UMass team

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The recently-planted Granby Wildflower Meadow at 175 Salmon Brook Street has been chosen for a five-year study of insect pollinator networks led by a team at UMass Amherst. The study is designed to better understand the relationship between pollinator habitat and the diversity and abundance of bees. It will also provide detailed assessments of how pathogens affect a specific bee species.

On August 2 the UMass team visited the meadow for the first time and took baseline measurements. Every two weeks throughout the growing season the study team will observe the number and diversity of flowers and bees using standardized sampling methods. The team will also observe another private meadow in town to provide control observations. The UMass team will provide its data and insights to the Granby Wildflower Meadow and the Town of Granby so that we can better understand the impact of the native plant initiative on our local ecosystem.