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Thursday, November 3, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Every other year the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group (CIPWG) hosts a day-long conference on invasive plants. It’s packed with presentations and workshops aimed at professionals, home gardeners and everyone in between. CIPWG is the state’s central hub on invasive plants, and the conference is a super source of up-to-date data on best practices and plant science.

This year, as in 2020, the event is virtual. Registration is $65 ($25 for students). All sessions are recorded, and registrants can view at any time. Register at

A few of the promising presentations include:

• Strategies for Managing Invasive Plants: Assess, Remove, Replace, and Restore.

• When is a Licensed Professional Applicator the Best Option for Invasive Plant Removal—Granby’s own Zachary Donais (CT DEEP).

• How to Assess a Property for Successful Invasive Plant Removal—Jessica Toro and Sari Hoy (Native Habitat Restoration, a 15-year-old Stockbridge, Mass. invasive plant removal and native plant restoration contractor).

• Designing With Native Plants: Melding Function and Form—Lisa Turoczi (Earth Tones Nursery in Woodbury, a premier local supplier of native plants).

• Mile-A-Minute Weed: Ten-year Strategy for Biological Control—Carole Cheah (an expert on discovering and cultivating insect predators for the hemlock woolly adelgid and Mile-a-Minute, CT Agricultural Experiment Station).

• Mile-A-Minute: Case Study in 100 Backyards—Kathleen Nelson (MadGardeners, a northwest Connecticut organization).

Plus: sessions on tree-of-heaven, aquatic invasives like hydrilla and water chestnut, how to find and propagate native plants from seed and how to dispose of invasive plants.

Closer to home

Granby residents join forces on the second Saturday morning of every month to control invasive plants in visible public locations such as Holcomb Farm. Visit to sign up, to get more information on the CIPWG conference, to learn more about invasive plants and to search and access Not Wanted columns since October 2019.