Class of 1972 celebrates 50 years

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Front Row: Peggy Galemski Greci, Tina Gough Gagne, Kent Bushey, Tracey Wilson, Paul Langlois. Second Row: Wendy Kemp, Mike Flynn, Keith Moquin, Gail Williams, Doris Nable (teacher), Dick Nable (teacher), Sue Bradford, Donna Mission Hiltz, Candy Walker Maillot, Gary Anderson, Deb Stenhouse, Dave Wagner, Bob Wellemeyer (’73). Third Row: Scott Cunningham, Rich Therkelsen, Barbara Moulton Guarco, Tom Roehl, Bob Fisher, Ray Smith (teacher). Back Row: Betty Courser Burkhart, Gregg Simonsen, Bob Bazyk, Bruce Hart, Rob Miner. Kenny Dubois joined us as well but is not pictured here. Photo by Jill Hart

As Bob waited in the check-out line at Stop and Shop, he heard a voice call out, “Mr. Bazyk”. While the man’s voice sounded vaguely familiar, it wasn’t until he turned around and saw his high school friend Charlie Ray that the flood of memories rushed back.

This chance meeting in the summer of 2021 spurred a reunion discussion between classmates Charlie Ray and Bob Bazyk. A planning committee was formed soon after and it met regularly to make the reunion a reality. Those efforts culminated at an early October gathering when the Granby Memorial High School class of 1972 celebrated its 50th reunion! 

The day started with a tour led by current National Honor Society members, of the GMHS campus. Many ‘72 graduates were amazed by how different everything looked with the numerous additions/changes/improvements made over the years. Being in “our” old buildings started the memories flowing and, as we wandered the halls, we shared stories about our many experiences. In appreciation for the students who led the tour, the class of ’72 made a modest monetary donation to the National Honor Society.

After the tour, we reconvened at La Figata for a good meal and an afternoon of reminiscing and catching up. Twenty-six graduates from across the nation, including Arizona, Oregon, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania joined in the fun. After Bazyk provided some introductory comments, Rob Miner shared thoughts on the old days and Donna Mission Hiltz shared an email from classmate Bob Erickson. A link to a video from John Carlson was shared for later viewing. After the meal, requisite class/group photos were taken, and much table hopping went on as everyone attempted to catch up with as many old friends as possible. We were delighted to have three of our teachers, Ray Smith, and Dick and Doris Nable attend. Conversations about one-act plays and trips to Amsterdam and Paris happened with almost every graduate who chatted with them. 

Barbara Moulton Guarco invited the group to her home for an after party. Many members went and continued conversations with each other or caught up with those missed at the restaurant. Another almost four hours flew by!

All involved agreed that they’d had a great time, that it had been a special day, and that we should do it again in five years.