BOS seeks YOUR input on draft of the Strategic Plan

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Please tell us what you think by emailing your thoughts and suggestions to:

All comments are welcome, but we are particularly interested in whether there are:

  • Any goals or objectives that should be added?
  • Any that should be deleted?
  • Any that should be revised?

The deadline to submit comments is Nov. 1. After that, we will issue a final draft and begin to develop action plans for each goal and objective.

Vision Statement

Granby will be a Town that provides excellent public services while balancing our traditions and heritage with the evolving needs of the community.

Mission Statement

The Town of Granby is dedicated to providing equitable and quality services in a responsive and cost-effective manner through careful planning, collaborative community partnerships and professional management.

Goal Statements

1. Promote sustainable growth in the grand list through programs and processes designed to encourage business retention, expansion and attraction while maintaining the character of the community and minimizing the burden on the residential tax base.

  • Continue the improvement and enhancement of Granby Center.
  • Review the economic development potential in areas where public infrastructure exists.
  • Complete a sewer capacity study.
  • Consider a town center study.

2. Operate with financial stability to meet both near- and long-term needs of the Town.

  • Encourage collaboration between the BOE and the Town of Granby for short- and long-term capital planning.
  • Review financial policies to ensure that Granby maintains a stable mill rate and its impact on residents and businesses.

3. Effectively manage and function as stewards of Town infrastructure, facilities and properties.

  • Examine all lease and license agreements in Granby.
  • Develop an inventory list of Town owned properties.
  • Evaluate the use and/or potential disposal options for town property.

4. Enhance opportunities to allow Granby to be a safe and livable community for all.

  • Implement the Affordable Housing Plan.
  • Review the mission statements for the Commission on Aging and the Youth Service Board.
  • Review elements of a safe streets program.
  • Maximize available resources for mental health services.

5. Promote the long-term sustainability of agriculture and agrotourism.

  • Evaluate the potential passage of a right to farm ordinance.
  • Permanent preservation of Holcomb Farm.

6. Ensure that the providers of Senior, Social, Library and Recreation services have sufficient resources and facilities to accomplish their missions.

  • Evaluate space needs to enhance user experiences and programing demands.

7. Evaluate conservation and sustainability measures that support the ability to meet Granby’s mission.

  • Pursue Sustainable CT certification.

8. Promote assorted communication opportunities to ensure that the community is well informed about their Town.

  • Review and refresh the Town webpage.
  • Establish a stronger social media presence.
  • Submit news when appropriate to local publications.

9. Recognize, maximize and coordinate the contributions of Granby nonprofit and volunteer organizations.

  • Seek out opportunities to collaborate and partner collectively.

The deadline to submit comments is Nov. 1.