Youth’s lemonade stand sweetens Granby Celebrates Juneteenth

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Chuck (left) and Henry Taczanowsky. Photo by Cathy Watso

Chuck Taczanowsky of East Granby made a generous donation to Granby Racial Reconciliation (GRR) for its first Juneteenth Celebration. On behalf of the GRR Board of Trustees, and the Steering and Juneteenth Committees, Chuck was presented with the book Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free by Alice Faye Duncan. The book includes the inscription: “Granby Racial Reconciliation recognizes Chuck Taczanowsky for raising $376 for the Inaugural Granby Celebrates Juneteenth 2022 from his annual lemonade stand proceeds. Your generosity is humbling and inspiring. Thank you for all you do to bring a better world forward.”

Chuck first learned about GRR through Granby Celebrates Juneteenth signs that were posted around town and wanted to be part of the day’s success. His family supported him in his annual lemonade fund-raising project.

Chuck’s mom, Joanna Taczanowsky, decided it would be better to thank Chuck privately rather than on stage during the day’s celebration. She voiced the conscientious decision, as a white family, to keep the focus on the significance of what this new federal holiday holds, and has held for Black Americans since June 19, 1865. Taczanowsky emphasizes teaching her children to give without turning the focus onto the giver. She also helped Chuck become aware of the meaning and importance of this new federal holiday.

Though Ken Mouning, GRR Board member and Juneteenth Committee Chair, understands Tacszanowsky’s concern, he felt it was important for the community to be aware of Chuck’s generosity. Mouning stated, “While I said he has a charitable heart, it is much more than that. He is doing the work to help create awareness of racial justice issues. So many people keep asking ‘what can I do?’ He is doing the work and didn’t have to ask. That’s the model we need for our White citizens to partner with us to make change possible.”

For more information about Granby Racial Reconciliation, visit The website contains information to find ways to learn, join in and contribute to the ongoing work of racial reconciliation and racial justice in our community so that Granby can be a great place for everyone.