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On Nov. 8 Granby voters can choose to send a woman with a strong voice and a demonstrated commitment to serving our town to represent us in the general assembly. Kim Becker is my neighbor and friend and I wholeheartedly endorse her in the race for the 62nd State Representative District.

I first met Kim when she was volunteering for the Drummer and writing monthly articles about the Board of Education, where I was serving. Kim came to every meeting, asked great questions, and wrote helpful, insightful articles. She took this volunteer job very seriously. I soon learned that when Kim takes on a task, she doesn’t do it half-way. Since then, Kim has chaired the Granby Education Foundation, joined the Granby Ambulance board, and been appointed to the Commission on Aging.

Kim has put all of her energy into making Granby a better, more affordable, more enjoyable town. When she’s elected, Kim’s top priorities are to support our rural towns in ways that make them a great place to raise kids. She wants to dig into the education cost-share formula to help relieve rural towns like Granby of the tax burden; she will work to fund schools appropriately in small rural towns that don’t have a big tax base. She will also work to help our small farms thrive.

We need a strong voice in the State legislature. We need a person who has demonstrated her commitment to Granby, someone who will speak up for our farms and schools. That person is Kim Becker. I hope you will join me in voting for Kim on Nov. 8.

Lynn Guelzow

I am writing to endorse Kim Becker for the 62nd State House election on Nov. 8. I have known Kim for a number of years and I can assure you her qualifications and compassion make her the best choice. She will be an excellent Representative for all who live in Granby and the 62nd district.

Kim and I have had many discussions revolving around health care. As a local healthcare provider, I see the battle day after day with poor coverage. Average people see their costs going up as their insurance covers less and less. Kim has assured me she will be up to the challenge of fighting the special interests that continue to corporatize and monetize our healthcare system. Kim will work to ensure that ALL individuals will have access to affordable, quality healthcare. She understands that high-cost health care is harmful to both businesses and people. Our economy, and our lives, will get better if healthcare costs are reduced.

I am confident that Kim will be a strong voice for the four small towns that make up the 62nd. She will keep advocating for ALL the residents in our communities. Please join me in voting for Kim Becker on Nov. 8.

Dr. Frederick Moffa

Please join me in voting for Kim Becker for State Representative in the 62nd District. Kim is a strong and energetic leader who understands that small towns like Granby deserve attention, not just big cities, when it comes to state support. She will connect with other small-town districts to look for ways to improve services and support residents and she is willing to work with colleagues from across the aisle.

She is a committed volunteer who gives of her time generously for the good of Granby. I have worked with Kim for many years on the Granby Education Foundation board where she serves as chairperson. She leads the GEF mission to fund educational projects at Granby Public Schools and at local nonprofits like Granby Racial Reconciliation, South Congregational Church, and Holcomb Farm. She oversaw the $100,000+ investment in the new TV studio at the high school, a program that will give GMHS students opportunities commonly only available at larger schools.

Kim is dedicated and hardworking and will serve to get the best for Granby, Barkhamsted and New Hartford. She has been out talking to voters all summer, getting to know what issues are important and learning what voters want from their state government. She truly enjoys these one-on-one dialogues and will continue to be an accessible and helpful partner to everyone in the district when she wins in November.

Kim is the best candidate for State Representative. She is the moderate voice that this district needs and deserves. A vote for Kim Becker on Nov. 8 is a vote for a responsible representative who will help our small towns maintain their rural qualities while working to support our residents. She is the best choice.

Sue Canavan

This Nov. 8, Granby voters have the chance to elect state leaders who are in-touch with the real concerns faced today by our families, businesses, and farms. We are affected by national issues, but also face challenges uniquely specific to rural communities.

Since committing to running for State Representative for the 62nd district, Kim Becker hasn’t stopped knocking on doors, asking for meetings, centering her work around the real concerns of real people. As the Chairperson of the Granby Agricultural Commission, Kim has sought me out to discuss our local farms, the challenge of keeping our farmlands in agriculture and the critical importance of supporting our farmers. Kim has expressed her commitment to our agricultural community and will work with state legislators to find new ways to ease the burdens on farmers and help keep their land in agricultural use for generations to come.

While voters traditionally turn out at a lower rate for midterms, it’s important to remember, state legislators directly impact our day to day lives. It is crucial now, more than ever, to vote and elect representatives at the state level who are committed to being authentic voices for our community and who will reject irrational ideologies and disconnected rhetoric. This Nov. 8, please join me in voting for Kim Becker for State Representative for the 62nd District.

Heather Lombardo

I am writing today to endorse Kim Becker, candidate for State Representative for the 62nd District (Granby, Hartland, Barkhamsted and New Hartford). Kim’s name may be familiar to you as she’s raised her family in Granby and volunteered countless hours on various town boards, committees and within the schools. I’ve been very impressed with the dedication that Kim has shown in getting to know the issues that face residents, including directly reaching out to over 3,600 residents already. She’s committed to fighting for our small towns by working towards keeping our farmland open, our property taxes low and making sure that both children and seniors have the right tools to succeed.

Personally, based on her opponent’s voting record as State Representative, I feel that Kim will do a better job representing ALL residents, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Our current State Representative voted NO to legislation that provides equal treatment under the law to children born to same-sex couples (CT Parentage Act). He was the ONLY legislator in the house or senate to vote no. In addition, he also voted NO (1 of 10 no votes) to expanding mental health services in schools (S.B. 0001).

Kim is willing to put the work in—I wouldn’t endorse her otherwise. If you are undecided, I highly recommend you reach out to her as she’s extremely approachable and eager to meet residents. You can reach her at

Jill Small