Support for Anderson

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Mark Anderson, our state representative of the 62nd district, phenomenally leads our state by representing “We the People” through his advocacy for an affordable Connecticut and less governmental control on the people. He has fought and will continue fighting for safety in our communities, less tax and spending, parents’ choice, and our overall freedom to make decisions on our own. Mark will always reflect on our Constitution when decisions in the legislature arise, and he will tirelessly advocate for liberty in Connecticut.

It is a pleasure assisting Mark in his campaigning. He is a reliable and knowledgeable source when issues arise. We can always count on him to get the job done and to happily respond to our questions and concerns that may come about as Connecticut residents. Mark is a true patriot and will always fight for Connecticut. Please vote for Mark Anderson to serve again as our state representative.

Mary Anderson (not related to Mark)

Mark Anderson has been our District Representative for about year. Within that year, I can say without a doubt he is down to earth. More so than most members of our current state government. Mark will not hesitate to answer questions from those he represents. Mark is always willing to do what he can to learn more about an issue facing the community. And how he can solve the issue to the best of his ability. Mark is not a carrier politician. Mark is an everyday man who cares deeply for his community and those he represents! And in today’s day and time we need that more than anything. 

Robert Flanigan 

Although I have been a Granby resident for only five years, I have had a most rewarding experience in communicating with my District 62 State Representative, Mark Anderson.

Since Mark’s initial election in 2020, I have contacted him on several occasions and he has always been responsive and timely with answers to my questions concerning current legislative issues before the State Legislature.  His answers are complete and thoughtful and always provided me with confidence that his support of issues important to me are the ones he votes for.  I have also known Mark outside of his elected office.  We are both veterans and often share military stories about our own personal experiences.  I am looking forward to voting for Mark again this November and count on him to continue to represent my conservative views in the Legislature.

Robert Moss

I’m writing to voice my support for Mark Anderson for state representative. I have spoken with and met Representative Anderson on several occasions. He is extremely responsive to his constituents and makes it a point to respond quickly.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are in the minority in Hartford. However, Rep. Anderson has gone on record requesting an end to the governor’s continued state of emergency. While it may have been prudent in 2020, there is no need for this emergency declaration to extend through December 2022.

Rep. Anderson has also supported the right of his constituents to make their own medical decisions. As we have seen over the past two years, many people have reasons to make choices that may not be in the majority. We have lost a number of highly qualified medical personnel, teachers, and service members due to vaccine mandates instituted by Gov. Lamont. The Democrats also rescinded the religious exemption to vaccine requirements for education, shutting thousands of children out of our schools.

The cost of living in Connecticut continues to increase and many businesses have left the state for places that are “less complicated”. Rep. Anderson has supported our businesses and his constituents. I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Rep. Anderson for another term!

Jennifer Benham
New Hartford, CT