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Thornton, Roy Donald, 69, June 10

Lanham, Jayne (Bombard), 64, June 11

McLaughlin, Mary Kelly, 93, wife of the late Bernard J. McLaughlin, June 17

Hammond, Deborah Susan, 70, former wife of Sarote Roskunpanit, June 16

Puncavage, John Joseph, 45, June 16

Glover, Lorrie (Lindgren), 63, former wife of Tim Glover, June 17

Malloy, Thomas, 87, husband of Bernadette (Morgan) Malloy, June 18

Doyle, John Adrian, Jr., 78, husband of Christine Burbank Doyle, June 19

Garbeck, Maryann, 81, wife of the late Michael P. Garbeck, Sr., June 19

Cabral, Donna Lee (Welch), 63, wife of Frederick M. Cabral, June 24

Padron, Claire Ann (Kurowski), 80, wife of the late Ramon Padron, Jr., June 24

Sterling, Lynne (Taylor), 81, wife of the late David C. Sterling, June 25

Lydon, Richard James, 85, husband of Elaine Quenneville Lydon, June 26

Sullivan, Petty Officer 2nd Class Ian Robert Calvin, 34, husband of Paige Lee (Letendre) Sullivan, June 26

Rookey, Lynn Christie, 59, former wife of Rodney A. Rookey, June 27

Morelli, Karen Louise, 79, wife of the late Aldo S. Morelli, Jr., July 6

deLeon, Laurie J. (Yourous), 64, former wife of Cesar A. deLeon, July 8

Hurowitz, Howard, 87, husband of Cecile Rosenfeld Hurowitz, July 9

Smith, Samantha Jo (Adams), 31, July 10

Bilts, Cynthia A., 74, wife of the late John R. Bilts II, July 14

Fischer, Harry F., 88, husband of Lois (Stanton) Fischer, July 16

Webster, Frederick Alton, 80, husband of Elizabeth (Lamkin) Webster, July 21

Dunn, Robert N., 87, husband of Margaret Dooley-Duncan, July 23

Mayo, Marion L., 95, wife of the late Robert Thurston Mayo, July 25

Lemoine, Lori Marie, 54, wife of Jim Cyr and former wife of Lawrence Lemoine, July 29

Jenkins, Brian Stanley, 64, July 30

Hutcheons, Kelly Anne, 58, wife of David Hennessey, August 14