Granby Racial Reconciliation encourages art museum visits

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a powerful saying found in many languages. How people and situations are portrayed in images can influence the viewer’s beliefs about the subject matter. Granby Racial Reconciliation (GRR) is facilitating a community exploration of race through two local art museums’ exhibitions. The Norman Rockwell Museum’s Imprinted: Illustrating Race, and the New Britain Museum of American Art’s 30 Americans. Both temporary exhibitions run through Oct. 30.

A group rate visit is set for the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. on Saturday, Sept. 10 starting at 1 p.m. Please go to to register. Attendees will pay for the discounted ticket ($18 Adult) at the museum the day of the visit. Library passes and member discounts can be used to attend the group tour. Children 18 and under are admitted for free. For more information about this exhibition, visit

GRR will be organizing a visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art exhibition during October. Please check the GRR website and the October Drummer for details. For more information on this exhibition, visit

Though the arranged tours by GRR for the exhibitions are limited, the organization encourages all to visit these powerful exhibitions before they close. A community-wide discussion facilitated by an art historian/curator is being planned for early November. GRR is seeking funding for this event and details regarding the gathering will be available by the October Drummer issue.

Both museums have some digital access to their collections, art lectures and media. Links to these are on their websites. In-person attendance to the exhibits is not necessary to participate in the November facilitated discussion.