St. Therese Church welcomes Father William Agyemang

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Father William Agyemang, new pastor at St. Therese Church in Granby. Photos by Rebecca Mikus

When you meet Father William Agyemang, you realize that you are in the presence of a joyful man. His smile is infectious, he is gregarious and welcoming, and the feeling is that he is a genuine, loving man of God.

Father William is from Ghana, West Africa. He relates, “My country is the most peaceful of all the African nations.” With a twinkle in his eye, he says that his family is a small group: only nine children. Father William is the youngest. Since Ghana was colonized by the British, English is their primary language. Father William is a dynamic speaker, articulate and sincere. His memory is as sharp as a tack. For example, the first time he celebrated daily mass in the chapel, he introduced himself and then asked us to introduce ourselves. He quickly learned our names. There is no hesitation on his part with names, he remembers and acknowledges each person by name. No coaching needed.

His parents, who are now deceased, were proud of their son when he entered the seminary in Ghana.  In 2011, Father came to the United States, and on May 11, 2013 he was ordained a priest. For the last three years he was the pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church in Waterbury. In every parish where he served, whether in Torrington, Wethersfield or Waterbury, he found the people to be dedicated and committed. “Very good, very good people,” he says with enthusiasm.

Father William’s devotion to Mary is quite evident. “Mary is my mother and my queen. I have dedicated my priesthood to her.” Every morning before the 8:30 a.m. daily mass in the chapel, the rosary is said in honor of our Lady. During Mass and devotions, Father’s melodious voice praises the Lord and His Mother, Mary.

As to the parish’s social life, Father is planning to institute a men’s breakfast where men of the parish and community can gather to break bread and share each other’s company. His plans also include a night when the women of the parish and the community can come and ask questions about him and his plans for the parish. His goal is to welcome everyone to St. Therese Parish.

The Church is now open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those who would like to pray and contemplate in a quiet place. Father believes strongly that prayer can help solve the problems of the world. He requests that you come and say hello to Jesus even if you stay only five minutes. “I am only one voice in the Church,” He says, “We need all the people’s voices to be heard. There is no discrimination; our church is open to all and I want to get acquainted with each and every one of you.”

All are invited to come and meet Father William. You will come away with a joyful heart. Now more than ever we need this kind of positivity in our lives.

Welcome, Father William, to St. Therese Parish and to Granby.

P. S. Father likes to play golf, so if you need a foursome, call him.

Father William and a parishioner Submitted photos