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Alexander Anisimov with a number of his paintings. Submitted photos

Alexander Anisimov

Oil painting, drawing

Member of Granby Artists since: 2005

I came to the United States in 1991 with 20 bucks in my pocket, one luggage bag, a field easel, my wife, and our ten-year-old son. We came from Tajikistan  which is north of Afghanistan. I was 30 years old and very ambitious. Art was flowing in my veins. I had already established myself as professional artist and was very happy with my life, but then the civil war started and everything collapsed. In the United States, I had to start everything from scratch, even to how to talk. I knew only one word in English: Coca- Cola. That’s it! It took me another 30 years to establish myself as an artist in the US. It was hard, but I don’t regret anything. I had a chance to live two lives.

What inspired you to become an artist? Does your art relay a message?

I was born in a family of artists and have been around creative people all my life. Art is not a hobby of mine but my entire blood is mixed with it. Human nature and the nature around us have always been my inspiration and my art is always related to human nature even if there is no human figure in my composition.

Oil painting by Anisimov

What made you choose your primary medium?

I work mostly with oils. Graphite and ink are second choice.

Does Granby have an influence on your art?

Granby has amazing places for inspiration and is an excellent spot for artists.

Tell us about a satisfying art accomplishment have you had?

Every composition I had in mind when it’s accomplished with element of surprise causes enormous joy.

What is your most exciting aspect of being an artist?

To see things around us that other people ignore or simply can’t see.

Are you a member of other art organizations?

I am a member of Old Lyme Art Association where I show my maritime works. Also, I am a member of West Hartford Art League.

Wendy van Welie above and her photo of a clematis below.

Wendy van Welie


Member of Granby Artists since: 2004

What inspired you to become an artist?

Photography has always played a very important role in my life. Documenting family history has been my passion and portraiture has allowed me the privilege of working with clients, documenting their milestones and creating heirlooms for their next generations.

What made you choose your primary medium?

After studying food and fashion photography in college, I opened a small studio in town and started Indigo Images Photography Studio. My focus has always been on traditional portraiture and soon I discovered that I truly loved working with high school seniors and their families.

When I first started my art, I spent hours and hours in darkrooms mixing chemicals—fast forward 25 years and I now spend those hours in Adobe Lightroom. It was been a lot of fun watching photography evolve to where it is today and being part of the evolution has been challenging and exciting.

Do you have any specific goals for your art in the next few years?

More recently I have started concentrating on working with botanicals. I am currently creating a series of hand-colored flowers and leaves. I have also started experimenting with hot wax medium. It has extended my vision for unique and interesting enhancements to my images.

Do you take art classes, workshops and or do you teach your craft?

You can find me behind the lens photographing my dearest granddaughter and teaching workshops to different senior organizations.

Are you a member of other art organizations?

Aside from serving as co-president of GAA for the past three years, I am also a very active member of the Professional Photography Association of America. Six years ago, I proudly became a Certified Professional Photographer with PPA.