Regan will not be in GOP primary

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L-R Bill Regan, Susan Patricelli Regan, Craig Regan, at the Republican 2022 Convention on May 6.

Susan Patricelli Regan, Connecticut’s “Voice of the Electorate” Republican gubernatorial candidate, did not achieve a position for the August primary at the May 6 Republican 2022 Convention. However, Regan believes that her consistent message to bring We the People’s voice to the forefront resonated strongly with voters who hoped that she would achieve the 15 percent delegate vote requirement.

Her focus has been on the social issues relevant to Connecticut’s youth that are faced by their parents. Other candidates avoided the topics or simply did not recognize the importance in their message to the public have only recently acknowledged this priority. Regan received a full endorsement from the Granby, Scotland and Lisbon delegates along with a number of votes from other small and rural suburbs reflective of her grassroots campaign.

Regan has stated that her concern for Connecticut youth is key to assuring expedient solutions to school curriculum options, internet dangers, school choice, juvenile crime, masking and vaccination mandates, DCF issues, education institutional threats and schoolroom violence incurred by lack of structured authority parameters. Regan is energized by the fact that the voters continue to speak strongly about her platform commentary and had hoped to have the opportunity for a primary candidate choice. Regan will continue to address the goal of truth to the people and promote more vigilance on what matters most to the hard-working taxpayers, parents and families in Connecticut.

Guilford campaign supporters and Republican delegates visit Regan’s table at the convention. Photos submitted by Regan campaign.