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April 18, 2022

Present: First Selectman Mark Fiorentino, Vice-Chairman Sally King, Frederick Moffa, Mark Neumann, Kelly Rome. Student Liaison John Bell, Town Manager Erica Robertson, Director of Finance Kimi Cheng, Director of Community Development Abigail Kenyon, Director of Human Services Sandra Yost.


The board voted (5-0-0) to appoint Kelley Lawton to the Conservation Commission for the balance of the four-year term previously held by David Payton.

Strategic Plan Update

Fiorentino and Robertson have met with all the boards and commissions to discuss goals for the strategic plan.

Proclamation – Karen Hazen

Fiorentino read the Proclamation from the Town of Granby and presented it to retired Town Clerk Karen Hazen. Representative Mark Anderson read the Proclamation from the General Assembly and presented it to Hazen.

Public Session

Before the Public Session started, Fiorentino addressed the rules and purpose of a public session at Board Meetings. Fiorentino emphasized that he and the board encourage people to participate in the meeting and welcome feedback. However, there must be certain rules to taking input, conducting meetings and getting the job done. The rules adopted by the Board of Selectmen include a Public Session for each meeting with a limit of five minutes per speaker. This is not intended to limit comment, but rather to give everyone a chance to speak and to achieve balance running the meeting. State law must be followed if a public session is held. Residents are free to comment on any topic of interest, however there are specific constraints around such comments. The board cannot respond to comments or questions on items that are not on the agenda since proper notice was not given to the public. These items can, however, be added to the agenda for a future meeting if appropriate.

The board may also set up a public hearing or workshop on a specific topic. This format is more flexible and allows for more public input. Fiorentino is considering holding regular Town Hall meetings to allow people to speak on issues that are important to them, and asked members of the public to be patient and understand what the board is trying to accomplish.

Glenn Ballard, 289 Granville Road, questioned the qualifications of the members of the Affordable Housing Plan Committee and commented on areas of the report he feels are lacking. Ballard recommended a survey be conducted to obtain more information. Fiorentino encouraged Ballard to conduct the survey if he was willing to be responsible for distributing and tabulating the results.

To Consider and Take Possible Action on the Town of Granby Affordable Housing Plan

Fiorentino thanked the Affordable Housing Plan Committee for its work and complimented the format of the draft plan. He reiterated that the plan was done in response to state law and the board has no authority to make or change zoning regulations. The plan provides a list of options and recommendations that can be prioritized and worked on together. An email address has been set up to collect written comments from the public.

Chris Chinni, chairman of the Affordable Housing Plan Committee and Abigail Kenyon, the director of community development. presented the highlights of the plan. The complete plan document is posted on the town website. Committee members in attendance thanked their colleagues and especially Kenyon for her work and leadership on the project. The board voted (5-0-0) to set a Public Hearing on the Affordable Housing Plan..

Consideration of Budget Amendment for Library Enrichment Grant

The library received a grant in the amount of $1,998 to enhance the 2022 Summer Reading Program, Read Beyond the Beaten Path, with additional enrichment opportunities by providing library-led programs and activities that spark creativity and productivity, engage individuals, and benefit the community. Since the grant award will increase an expenditure line in the General Fund, which was not budgeted in the adopted Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget, a budget amendment is required according to the Town Charter. The board approved the amendment and forwarded to the Board of Finance.

First Selectman Report

The High School Robotics Team made the New England Regional Finals and finished one point short of the World Finals in Houston.

Regular Town Hall Meetings will be set up to give people the opportunity to tell the board what is important to them. Details on time, place and frequency will be finalized soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Erica P. Robertson, Town Manager