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Special Meeting

April 25, 2022

Present: Chairman Michael Guarco, Vice Chairman Alfred Wilke, Jenny Emery, Kevin Hobson, William Kennedy and James Tsaptsinos, Town Manager Erica Robertson, Director of Finance Kimi Cheng, Superintendent of Schools Jordan Grossman, BOE Business Manager Anna Robbins

Statement of Accounts

Robertson reported Tax Collection is consistent with previous years at 102 percent. Building permits continue to be strong and better than the same period last year. Cheng found some new short-term investment options that have resulted in increases. The process of ending the submission of new Purchase Orders has begun.

Robbins noted that, at this time, the budget is approximately $255,000 better than budgeted. There are not a lot of changes from last month, including Special Education tuition, which is $14,000 over budget.

Consideration of

Auditor Appointment

The Board of Finance voted (6-0-0) to appoint the firm CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP as the independent auditors to perform the Town of Granby’s audit for the Fiscal Year 2021-22.

Consideration of Connecticut Department of Transportation Grant Transfer of Funds Request

Robertson reported that a yearly grant totaling $28,641 from the Department of Transportation funds the senior van drivers. A 50 percent match is required and comes from the Social Services budget. At this time, a transfer is needed from Senior Services Payroll to the Senior Citizen Activity Fund. The board voted (6-0-0) to approve the transfer of funds in the amount of $14,500 from the Payroll-Temp/PT line item in the General Fund Social-Senior-Youth Services Department to the Senior Citizen Activity Fund.

Consideration of Budget Amendment for Library Enrichment Grant

The library applied for and received a grant from the Connecticut State Library for its Summer Reading Program. The money will be used to buy prizes to enhance the program. Per Town Charter, a budget amendment is needed because the grant award will increase an expenditure line item in the General Fund, which was not budgeted in the FY21-22 budget. The board voted (6-0-0) to approve increases of Miscellaneous Revenue and Grant Expense line items in the General Fund budget by $1,998.

Capital Project Update

Robertson provided a brief update on capital projects:

The GMHS project of renovations to the cafeteria and music areas, was awarded to Nutmeg Companies. The work began over spring break and everything is going very well.

The radio communications project is making progress but it is going slowly. The tower design and recommended site locations have been identified. The committee expects the project to go out-to-bid soon.

Discussion on Strategic Goals

Some of the proposed goals are Charter related issues. The budget Public Hearing in April has sometimes conflicted with school vacation and a change in the date would require a Charter change.

There was a brief discussion on growth in business/commercial development. Emery pointed out this is discussed in the Plan of Conservation and Development and that document may need review. This discussion will be continued at the next BOF meeting.

Establish the Mill Rate for Fiscal Year 2022-23/Further Discussion on Budget Changes if Needed

Guarco stated the Registrar of Voters announced the results of the budget machine vote earlier in the evening—Yes votes (645); No votes (420). The board voted (6-0-0) to approve a mill rate of 39.98 to raise an estimated $41,300,483 in property taxes for the Fiscal Year 2022-23.

The Town Referendum has adopted an Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2022-23 that includes appropriations from the General Fund, Dog Fund, Local Capital Improvement Program Fund, Capital Equipment/Improvement Fund, Town Aid Road Fund, Sewer Utility Fund, Recreation Events Fund, Education Quality and Diversity Fund, Solid Waste Fund, and Other Funds, and includes an expenditure amount for the Board of Selectmen of $16,191,711 and an expenditure amount for the Board of Education of $34,406,357, for a total Town Budget of $50,598,068. Anticipated revenues excluding taxes levied and transfers for the Fiscal Year 2022-23 amount to $8,522,585.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Kane, Recording Secretary