Thank you, Granby Community Fund

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As mask mandates decrease and we hear less discussion surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a false sense that all is well—for everyone. Yes, many are fortunate to have maintained their employment and have returned to their workplace; however, there continues to be a significant population that, due to extended loss of employment or inadequate skill sets, is quite simply stated—stuck!

Rent continues to be a primary concern as rates increase and many landlords, who also suffered during the pandemic, have chosen to sell their properties, leaving tenants to seek other housing. We are seeing that supply does not meet the demand. This imbalance impacts seniors as well. Last week I reviewed a request for a Connecticut senior who, after living in her rental for 17 years, was rendered homeless when the landlord chose to sell the property.

With the support of the Granby Community Fund, The Salvation Army is able to provide a one-time emergency rent assist to stabilize an individual or family who have no other resources.

With the continued and generous support from The Granby Community Fund and its donors, The Salvation Army will carry on offering that hand up in times of crisis.

With sincerest gratitude,

Kathleen A. Orfitelli, Director

Service Extension

The Salvation Army Southern New England Division