Morning Greeter

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Softly with us as we walk along

Beckoning quietly the early dawn

Carefully viewing our passage by

Announcing our presence with its graceful cry.

This morning companion at the rooftop slope

Coos its message of peace and hope

Reminds us gently as our day unfolds

To enjoy what we have, and love what we hold.

It regally tolerates our presence below

I marvel that always it seems “in the know”

It feels our hearts as we share the morn

And sings its song that seems so forlorn

But then one can notice as it stands on the crest

It’s oh so peaceful, and quietly at rest

No doubt it has mastered the coming of day

And it’s faithful in knowing that it will find a way.

I send you this symbol of peace and grace

To bring a gentle smile to your face

Soak up the message of faith, grace and love

Of this loyal companion, the sweet mourning dove.

                                                        —C J Gibson