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March 7, 2022

Present: Mark Fiorentino, Sally King, Fred Moffa, Mark Neumann, Kelly Rome and Town Manager Erica Robertson.

Intra-Board Advisory Committee (IBAC) Update

Robertson reported the committee met and is reviewing the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) projects. Fiorentino indicated the committee officially voted on a set of criteria to prioritize the list and intend to hold a public session at an evening meeting in May.

Strategic Plan Update

Robertson and Fiorentino have met with most of the boards and commissions. Goals are due in May and the Board of Selectmen will review after the budget process is complete.

Consideration of Hartford

Foundation for Public Giving Grant Budget Amendment

Robertson reported The Friends of F. H. Cossitt Library were awarded a grant in the amount of $28,000 from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving – Pomeroy Brace Fund. A budget amendment is required since the grant award will increase revenues and expenditures in the Capital Equipment/Improvement Fund and was not budgeted in the Fiscal Year 2021-22 adopted budget. The board voted unanimously to approve the budget amendment.

Town Manager Report

Public Works has been out 32 times this winter. In addition, crews are refreshing the paint in offices and halls at Town Hall. The Hungary Road bridge project begun in January is expected to be completed in May. The Moosehorn Bridge replacement is expected to begin this April and finish sometime in 2023.

Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Applications are being received and reviewed by the Assessor’s Office through May 15.

Selectman Reports

Neumann reported the draft of the Affordable Housing Plan will be discussed at the next Planning and Zoning meeting. Aspects of the laws have changed for accessory apartments, which is where most of the affordable housing is available in Granby.

March 21, 2022

Present: Mark Fiorentino, Sally King, Fred Moffa, Mark Neumann, Kelly Rome, John Bell, student Liaison, and Town Manager Erica Robertson

Public Session

Glen Ballard, 289 Granville Road, would like to see all board meetings recorded and minutes on the website within seven days. He also requested a copy of the IBAC list of proposed projects on the website. Robertson responded the list is only in draft form at this point. Ballard also had suggestions for the board regarding the budget.


Commission on Aging: Kim Becker will replace Marilyn Sponzo for the balance of a two-year term beginning immediately and ending January 11, 2023.

Central Regional Tourism District, Inc.: Abigail Kenyon for a three-year term ending in 2025

IBAC Update

Fiorentino announced the Intra-Board Advisory Committee will hold a public session for residents to ask questions and provide input in the Town Hall Meeting Room on May 23, at 6 p.m. The list will be available to the public in advance.

Request for use of alcohol during Granby Celebrates Juneteenth

Robertson reported the necessary paperwork for the Granby Racial Reconciliation Group’s request for use of alcohol at Salmon Brook Park during the Granby Celebrates Juneteenth event has been received. The board voted unanimously to grant permission for the sale and consumption of alcohol at the event.

FY 2022-23 BOS Budget

Fiorentino reported the board works hard to be as transparent as they can be and pointed out this meeting is the fifth opportunity for individuals to provide comments, input, and changes. In addition, all the budget workshops, including the Three Board Meeting that kicks off the budget process, were available in person and on Zoom. He commended the staff for their hard work and providing answers to questions during public workshops.

Town Manager Report

Robertson reviewed the February Statement of Accounts and the highlights as provided by Kimi Cheng, Director of Finance: Reported tax collections are at 101 percent; as of Feb. 28 auto supplements are at 142 percent collected; building permit fees continue to grow and are stronger than last year; Miscellaneous Revenue due to tax sales was close to $15,000.

Kirk Severance and Kenyon are in contact with the State consultant regarding the Moosehorn Bridge project and the renovations at Holcomb Farm are proceeding as scheduled.

First Selectman Report

Fiorentino requested Robertson add a brief update on the Holcomb Farm project to the next agenda. Severance noted the project is currently running on time.

Fiorentino asked Robertson to report on non-emergency communications at the next meeting.

April 4, 2022

Present: Mark Fiorentino, Sally King, Fred Moffa, Mark Neumann, Kelly Rome, John Bell, student liaison and Town Manager Erica Robertson

Also present: Toby Proctor, School Building Projects Committee Chairman; Superintendent Jordan Grossman

Consideration of Awarding of Contract for High School Renovations

Phase I of the project includes interior renovations on the cafeteria (commons), music area and industrial/technical education areas of the high school. The kitchen will be a full-cooking kitchen and the industrial arts section of the wood shop will become more efficient. The School Projects Building Committee met  April 1 to review the bids received and selected The Nutmeg Companies and forwarded the recommendation to the Board of Selectmen. The board voted unanimously to award the contract to Nutmeg Companies and execute Phase I.

Consideration of Sewer Allocation for Granby Memorial High School, 315 Salmon Brook Street

The board recessed as the Board of Selectmen and convened as the Granby Water Pollution Control Authority (GWPCA).

As a result of a new working kitchen at the high school, an increase in the sewer allocation and flow must be considered. The Town Engineer estimated the addition would be 2,250 gallons per day and there is sufficient capacity to accommodate this request. The board, as the GWPCA, voted unanimously to approve a sewer allocation increase of 2,250 gallons per day for GMHS, 315 Salmon Brook Street.

The board adjourned as the GWPCA and reconvened as the BOS.

Consideration of Non-Emergency Communications Improvement Plan

Fiorentino and Robertson discussed potential improvements to the town’s non-emergency communications plan. This would include a shared part-time IT person with the Board of Education, as well as using all social media accounts to the fullest extent to share information with the public. The five areas to look at initially include: updating the town website; improving remote access to meetings; enhancing the ability to sign-up to receive notifications through e-mail, texts, etc.; improve quality of broadcasts and increase capacity to record and post meetings. The board voted unanimously to direct the Town Manager to begin work on a non-emergency communications improvement plan.

Consideration of Resolution and Compliance Statement Supporting Fair Housing

Robertson explained April is Fair Housing month and the Town receives grants from the State and Federal government that require specific policies to be in place and adhered to. These policies are reviewed and reaffirmed by the Board of Selectmen every April and there are no major changes from previous years. The Town Manager, Community Development Director and Building Official ensure the policies are in place and adhered to. The board voted unanimously to re-adopt the Fair Housing Resolution, Fair Housing Policy Statement, Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Affirmative Action Policy Statement, Municipal Grievance Procedure and ADA Notice.

Consideration of Connecticut Department of Transportation Award

The Connecticut Department of Transportation Award is a yearly grant that helps fund the town’s senior van drivers. This year and through FY2025, it will be $28,641 each grant year. It is a matching grant and there is no additional allocation with the budget. It now will go before the Board of Finance for appropriation.

Consideration of Neighborhood

Assistance Act Tax Credit

Robertson explained the Neighborhood Assistance Act is a tax credit program for businesses that make cash investments in non-profit programs. Eligible non-profits must submit applications to Social Services by May 11. The Board of Selectmen will hold a Public Hearing on May 16 to review applications to be submitted to the Department of Revenue Services by July 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Erica P. Robertson, Town Manager