Double rainbow over the Pease Family Preserve

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This double rainbow over the Pease Family Preserve is a reminder to pause and give thanks to Bill and Jane Ann Pease, charter members of the Granby Land Trust, who looked out on this view for 60 years before their passing in 2013. An attorney, Bill served as the GLT’s first legal counsel at the GLT’s founding. Jane Ann was a chemistry teacher at Granby Memorial High School for 25 years. After their passing, Bill and Jane Ann’s children, Sarah and Marty, donated 58 acres of their parents’ land to the Granby Land Trust, in keeping with their parents’ wishes. We are so grateful to them for preserving this beautiful piece of land that abuts other GLT-preserved land in the Old Messenger Road Corridor. This spectacular rainbow was photographed by Rick Orluk. Please see other news and photos from The Granby Land Trust on p. 18.