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An extra-long ballot to vote on Nov. 2

The 2020 COVID precautions are being implemented again this year to ensure the safety of both poll workers and voters. If you plan to come to the polls please plan for a long wait, be patient, wear a mask, and dress warmly—it will take extra time to vote, especially with 10 races to cast votes in. We are expecting a smaller turnout for the Municipal Election, but we still anticipate over 2,000 voters. The CDC guidelines for social distancing and maximum capacity for indoors will necessitate lines waiting outside of the building. 

To speed check in at the polls, please consider having a photo ID handy. Should you not have your ID there is a form to swear and attest your identity to fill out at the moderator’s table if you have previously proven your ID. With no federal offices, provisional ballots are not available.

Competitive Municipal Election

There are 10 different races to be decided by the Nov. 2 Municipal Election, including First Selectman, Board of Selectman, Board of Finance, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeals, Planning and Zoning, Zoning Board of Appeals and Town Moderator. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for 22 open seats. In the past, the Board of Selectman race has caused some confusion. All five seats are open every two years but voters can only choose one candidate for First Selectman and two candidates from those running for the board. 

Parking will be an issue during rush hour with longer voting times

We are anticipating over 100 cars per hour, so please be patient when using the high school parking lot. We ask all voters to enter using the North Granby Road/ Route 189 entrance next to Public Works and exit using the Salmon Brook Street/ Route 10/202 exit, next to the middle school. If you are concerned about voting during the pandemic, the Registrars advise you to vote by absentee ballot.

Use your Absentee Ballot

In 2021 every registered voter could apply for an absentee ballot. The applications were not automatically sent out, as in 2020.  If you wisely chose to apply for an absentee ballot, you should have received your ballot in the mail. We implore you to drop your completed ballot in the drop box in front of Town Hall before Election Day. Ballots dropped on Election Day will not be counted until it is verified that the voter has not also voted in person at the polls.

DO NOT bring absentee ballots to the polls, the polling place is exclusively for in-person voting. 

If you have given the Town Clerk a ballot by 5 p.m. Nov. 1, your name will be crossed off in red, and you cannot vote at the polls on Nov. 2. Any absentee ballots dropped off on Election Day will not be counted if the voter came to the polls to vote on Election Day. 

Top reasons for rejection of Absentee Ballots in Granby

Forgetting to use both envelopes, forgetting to sign the inner envelope and not sealing as directed. Read carefully and follow the directions. Never share an envelope to save postage—each voter must use their own issued envelopes.

Invalid signature on the inner envelope. The signature must match to whom the ballot was issued. Family members and those with power of attorney cannot vote a ballot for someone else.

Received after Election Day. Only ballots received by the Town Clerk by 8 p.m. on Nov. 2 will be counted. There is no grace period, no check of postmarks after Nov. 2.

Verify you are registered before going to the polls

Voters need to be aware that voter registration is non-transferable. If you moved recently, you need to register at your new address. Currently there is a seven-day registration deadline, whether it is done online, mail-in or in person. There are a few exceptions: for brand new residents (within the last week before the election), handicapped and military. Please review the calendar below for these deadlines. The Registrars strongly recommend going online to check your registration, to ensure your right to vote. Last chance for Online voter registration was Oct. 26. Voter registration can be verified 24/7 at:

IVS Ballot Marking System is available for everyone

A touch screen voting option is available for those who have trouble using a pen, or seeing the ballot. This system can also read aloud the ballot to a voter, allowing everyone to vote privately and independently. It is a printer ballot marking system which fills the ovals as requested by the voter.

Election Day Registration is available at Town Hall

Same day registration, also known as Election Day Registration, is available at Town Hall for eligible U.S. citizens who are 18 or older on Election Day. New voters must provide proof of both identity and residency if they wait until Election Day to vote at Town Hall. Between new social distancing requirements and the data entry and crosstown check waiting, Election Day Registration can be a lengthy process. If you come to register on Election Day, be prepared to wait outside if there is a line. To ensure no one votes twice, those who are from a different town in Connecticut will have their ballot set aside. A confirmation phone call with their previous town must affirm they have not voted before the ballot can be counted. Brand new voters can prefill their voter registration form online on election day at

Calendar Review

Official Drop Box for Ballots is open 24/7 in front of Town Hall.

Monday, Nov. 1 – Last day to register for brand new residents, military, handicap

Monday, Nov. 1 – Voter registration session Registrar’s office in Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 2 – Election Day, Polls open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at HS Community Gym

Questions?  Please feel free to contact the registrars, Laura Wolfe and Sonja Smith, at 860-844-5322 or