Youth Services Bureau

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Happy Fall Granby! The Youth Service Bureau is pleased to announce some of its Fall programming. If any of these programs are of interest, please call 860-844-5355 for registration information.

OWLs Class

We will be launching the Our Whole Lives Sexual Health (OWLS) class in October. OWLs is open to youth in grades 7 and 8. Studies clearly show that parental values plus comprehensive sex education lead to delayed sexual activity, reduced teen pregnancy and healthier relationships.

WOW: Women on the Way

Our beloved WOW began registration in September. For girls in grades 9-12, this is a positive youth development experiential group that helps break down barriers and create relationships.

Drug and alcohol-related supports

Youth or family members addicted to nicotine can schedule an appointment with Social Service’s Tobacco Treatment Specialist to develop a quit plan.

Parents can refer teens to Social Service’s free Teen Intervene assessment that helps youth identify the degree and seriousness of substance use. If warranted, the teen will be advised about appropriate kinds of treatment. This is for parents who are concerned about a teen’s use.  

This evidence-based intervention helps confront a teen’s denial of a substance use disorder and has been shown to increase the likelihood of treatment being sought.

SMART Recovery: For any youth or teen with addictive behavior, from substance use to shopping, this recovery group uses Rational Emotive Therapy to help address the addictive behavior. This approach is evidence-based, and proven to be highly effective. The group will meet Tuesdays from 8-9 p.m.

The Gathering: A Social Skills Reinforcing Group

For middle school-age youth, this small group recreation program will take students’ individual needs in social skills development into consideration as the clinical staff leads the kids in a variety of games, from pool to cards, crafts and Foos Ball. In this milieu setting, positive social connections and interactions will be reinforced, and gentle redirection will be used to guide appropriate interactions. Appropriate for shy, socially anxious, or on the spectrum youth looking for more social interaction but feeling left out and isolated.

Please check out the Town of Granby Website for the most up-to-date prevention and parenting information available through links to podcasts and YouTube presentations.

Six-Week Parenting Workshop

Meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. The second session begins on Oct/ 28. Topics include:  Please make the whining stop! Why am I so stressed about HIS mistake? How to ditch the reactive parenting (the yelling and screaming). So I just grounded my kid for life….what is an enforceable consequence? I’m too tired to be consistent! I’m in charge! Avoiding power struggles.