In Memory of . . .

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Davis, Megan, 40, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Davis, August 14

Mursch, Irmgard (Vogt), 98, wife of the late Horst Mursch, August 14

Walker-Grant, Judyth N., wife of Alan Grant, August 17

Kurweinz, Douglas Robert, 77, partner of Helen Turner and husband of the late Sharon D. Kurweinz, August 21

Johnson, Alice I., 94, wife of the late Norman P. Johnson, Jr., August 25

Ultee, Casper Jan, PhD, 93, husband of the late Lorraine Ultee, August 25

Bartrop-Babbit, Janice Marie, 61, partner of Don Mcilroy, August 26

Hickox, Olga Yasny, wife of the late Carlton Hickox, September 14