State mandated revaluation to begin in September

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The Granby Assessor’s Office is preparing for the state mandated revaluation and has contracted with the appraisal firm Vision Appraisal Technology to assist the Assessors revaluation for Oct. 1, 2022. The company will work with the assessor’s office to make the 12-month process successful.

Revaluation is designed to eliminate inequities that may arise in assessments because different properties experience appreciation or depreciation at varying levels over time. Once complete, citizens will be taxed only their fair share of the cost for essential community services. The purpose of revaluation is to value all property by similar standards at the same point in time.

Data collection, the first phase of the project, is scheduled to begin in September. A data collector from Vision Appraisal will visit each property and physically measure the exterior of every property in town. The inspection will take approximately 10–15 minutes.

Due to current health concerns the data collector will only be measuring the exterior of your home and any outbuildings on your property.

All Vision Appraisal representatives will carry proper identification and their automobiles will be listed with both the Assessor’s Office and the Granby Police Department. It is suggested that homeowners request identification of anyone at their door.

As part of the process, the Assessor’s Office will also compile information about the property from existing assessment records and previous house-to-house visits in the form of a Data Mailer that will be mailed out in the future.

If you have any questions, please call the Granby Assessor’s Office at 860-844-5311. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

New assessments will not be available until November 2022. Once established, a notice of new values will be mailed to all property owners. All property owners will be given an opportunity to attend an individual informal hearing for the purpose of discussing any issue regarding the assessment process and valuation issues.

Granby’s Assessors thank you for reviewing this information. A successful revaluation project must have the understanding of the process and the cooperation of property owners.