Pilgrim Covenant Church group walks Global 6K for Water

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Photo courtesy of Jen Lowe

The Pilgrim Covenant Church team.

Water. How far do you go for water? A few steps to your kitchen for a nice cold glass to drink? Maybe to your basement laundry or upstairs for a shower or bath? What if you had to walk six kilometers — 3.7 miles for us non-metric folks? What if after that walk there was no guarantee the water would even be clean enough to drink? That is the reality faced by millions in undeveloped countries around the world every day.

On May 23, a group from the Pilgrim Covenant Church gathered at Salmon Brook Park to help change that reality by participating in the Global 6K for Water, sponsored by World Vision. The event benefits Covenant Kids Congo, a unique partnership between World Vision and the Evangelical Covenant Church. 

Participants in the 6K event ranged from toddlers to grandparents, who all enjoyed their morning walk or run around the perimeter of the park. Pilgrim Covenant’s team of 33 raised a total of $4,230, joining 62 other teams from their denomination to raise over $210,000 for clean water and sanitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. PCC’s contribution alone provided access to clean water for more than 80 people.

Pilgrim Covenant’s small but mighty group was recognized by the World Vision’s Northeast Regional Representative as one of the top fundraisers in the region—and it is in the top 20 percent of fundraisers worldwide. 

“It was great to see so many of all ages come out to support the cause. This symbolic walk/run was simple for us, but it makes a profound impact on the lives of so many.” said Pastor Rob Lowe who organized the event.

Pilgrim Covenant Church thanks the Granby Recreation Department for its generous partnership, allowing this event to run at Salmon Brook Park. Learn more about this worthwhile project at wvi.org/global-6k and think about joining the run/walk next year. Every step you take is one they don’t have to.

Learn more about World Vision at: worldvision.org 

And Covenant Kids at: covchurch.org/covenantkidscongo