Flagpole, plaque honoring former Scoutmaster rededicated

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Submitted photos

Joan Bierman Ducharme, Eagle Scout Spencer Bolton, Dennis Bierman on the site of the flagpole on the Granby Land Trust-Mary Edwards property off Mountain Road.

A very special event took place “on the hill” in North Granby on June 12.

Many years ago, a flagpole was erected on what is now known as the Granby Land Trust-Mary Edwards property to honor a beloved Scoutmaster, John R. (Dick) Bierman, who passed away at the very young age of 29 from cancer. Over the years the flagpole was vandalized twice. About four years ago, Scout Spencer Bolton (for his Eagle project) planned and erected a new strong flagpole that stands on this special site “on the hill.”

The rededication of this flagpole and memorial plaque would not have been possible without the help of many local people: Paul McClain, Richard Leydon, Bill Arnone, Spencer Bolton, Caelum Janski, Fran Armentano, Bill Simpson, Tom Nystrom, Carl Garrett, Pierce Builders and the Granby Land Trust board members.

Bierman was Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 125 in Granby for four short years. While Scoutmaster he led the troop on many adventures including a camping trip to George’s Island off the coast of Boston. It was the very first scout troop to camp on the island.

Carl Garrett, a former Scout under Scoutmaster Bierman, gave a heartwarming tribute to “Mr. B” and entertained those in attendance with tales of his scouting adventures under Mr. B’s guidance.

Next time you visit the Granby Land Trust property on Mountain Road, turn right at the first clearing and pause a moment at the flagpole and read the plaque:

“John R. Bierman, Scoutmaster, Troop 125, 1965-1969 – “A Man Never Stood So Tall As When He Stooped to Help a Boy”.

The inscribed plaque