Susan Patricelli Regan: Republican Candidate for Governor 2022

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Susan Patricelli Regan

Municipal elections are at the forefront of state political activities in Connecticut. However, the 2022 gubernatorial “season” is on the minds of voters. Connecticut’s fiscal crisis and looming new tax proposals present economic challenges to both commerce and individuals alike. These are daily “kitchen table” topics for constituents on both sides of the aisle and particularly those in the lower- and middle-income brackets. Cash-strapped businesses and individuals with dwindling or non-existent resources are looking for an alternative administrative culture. They want someone who will address the state’s dilemma with effective and efficient solutions.

Current political polarization between the two major parties has boosted the numbers of registered unaffiliated voters. These citizens are jaded by incumbent policy makers who are unable to compromise on unresolved issues.

Based on our state’s public and private dilemmas, Susan Patricelli Regan has announced her campaign to run for Connecticut Governor in 2022. Her corporate career and community involvement provide a diverse and comprehensive skill set to address the state’s need for “common sense” leadership. She offers an objective perspective to solve the state’s fiscal challenges. Her slogan is “Truth + Transparency = Trust.” See her website: and for the opportunity to contact Regan or donate to her campaign.