Emma Watson and the smallest case

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Drawing by Nell Gorbal

Chapter 1

“Come on already!” said Emma to Princess. They were at the dog park, and Princess was not budging. “Okay,” said Emma. “Fine, I’ll carry you.” Princess was getting really lazy, and also fairly big. “Unusually big,” thought Emma. That’s why her mom told Emma to go to the vet to pick up a medicine for Princess, and Emma thought that they could stop by at the dog park on the way. 

When they finally got out of the fence, Emma walked down the sidewalk to the vet. “Hi!” said Emma to the lady at the front desk. “I’m looking for medicine for my dog Princess.”

“Of course! You’re Anna Watson, right?”

“No, but that’s my mom, so yes, that’s right.”

“Alrighty then young lady, there you are! Enjoy the rest of your day!”

“Bye!” said Emma, but it barely came out, because Princess put all her weight on top of Emma and was now sleeping. When Emma was at the door, she noticed a calendar and looked at it. Mother’s Day was in only a couple of days, and Emma had absolutely nothing to give to her mom! So she went down to the supermarket, and there was a sign on the door that said, “No dogs allowed.” “Oh well,” thought Emma “Maybe another day.” Right when she turned around to go, she saw John. “I like your new dog!” he said.

“This is no new dog,” replied Emma “This is Princess!”

“Whoa. She sure got fat. You feeding her pizza or something? Because if you are, then you should definitely put her on a diet.”

“John, you know that dogs don’t eat pizza, and I happen to hate pizza, so I would never dare to touch it, never mind the thought of feeding it to my dog.”

“Since when do you hate junk?” asked John.

“Since my 5th birthday party. Pineapple pizza, yuck.”

“But you only…” John didn’t even have time to finish his sentence, because Emma was already behind the curb. “Oh well,” thought John. “At least she will have one piece of junk off her list.” A moment later, he heard “Come on you lazy bones!”

“I can recognize that yell anywhere.” muttered John. “Here we go again.”

Chapter 2

When Emma got home, she gave the medicine bottle to her mom, and dragged Princess up the stairs to take it. Princess kept biting at the bottle the whole time, and by the time she took it, the medicine was flying out of the bottle in a million places, because of all the nips Princess gave it. Then her mom went outside to plant some flowers, and Emma took an apple, and sat down on the couch to eat it.

A couple minutes later, Owen, Emma’s brother came whistling down the hallway. When he came into the living room, he looked around, and his eyes landed on Princess. “What is This?”

“This is Princess. Although she grew a bit.”

“I’ll say.” replied Owen. “Hey, you wanna go down to the supermarket to get some groceries?”

“Sure!” replied Emma, jumping up off the couch. “Then I can get a present for mom!”

“Let’s go then.”

Chapter 3

“Come on streetlight, turn green!” Emma and her brother were waiting for a streetlight to turn green, and it wouldn’t! “Ugh. Finally!” said Emma and her brother at the same time, and they drove on. When they got there, Emma and her brother agreed to meet up at the chocolate aisle at noon. Owen thought it would be a good attraction for Emma, since she loved chocolate so much. So, Owen gave Emma his phone so she could keep track of time, and off they went. Then Emma went to the gift section of the store, but she couldn’t find anything her mom would like, so she found a really cozy chair and sat down on it and played Owen’s favorite game.

Chapter 4

When the clock struck noon, the church bells rang, and Emma glanced up from her game to see what was going on. “It’s twelve!” Emma gasped. So, she ran down to the chocolate aisle, finding her brother tapping his foot. “You were 59 seconds late,” he said.

“Can you quit that Mr. Perfect?”

“It’s Mr. Watson, by the way.”

“It’s looking like I will have to pull out dad’s hammer when we get home, and smash that watch of yours.”

“Okay, okay, okay, fine. I’ll stop.” said Owen. And then he added with a chuckle, “Ms. Picky.”

“That hammer was for real,” said Emma, “by the way.”

Chapter 5

When they got home, Emma went to find Princess to read a book with her. “Princess!” she shouted. “Here girl, where are you? Owen?”


“Have you seen Princess?”

“Oh, that fatty? No.”

“Big help,” shouted Emma back to him.

“Oh, you don’t have to thank me, it was nothing.”



“Have you seen Princess?”

“No, sorry.” Her dad replied. Then Emma ran outside.

“Mom! Have you seen Princess?”

“Princess?” said her mom, looking up from her plants. “The last time I saw her was when I gave her medicine.”

“Oh. Thanks anyway. Annie!”

“What?” said Annie.

“Have you seen Princess?”

“Princes? Nu u.”

“Oh. Thanks anyway!” So, Annie went back to sliding on her playscape.

Chapter 6

Emma was now irritated. So, she called John Adams, her detective buddy. They always solved mysteries together. “Coming!” yelled John into the phone when Emma told him the whole story, and she didn’t even have time to say okay or thank you before John hung up. 

By the time Emma got all this mess in her head, John was already at her doorstep ringing the doorbell. “Okay,” said John when he got there panting. Clearly, he had been running. “Let’s search the house.” So, they searched the house. They even looked outside, and under the sofa, but an hour later, they found nothing, except for a couple of coins, and Princess’s old dog toy. “Maybe Princess ran away,” offered John.

“She would never do that,” said Emma.

“You never know with animals. One day they’re here and another day they’re gone.”

“But she couldn’t have ran away.”

“Why?” asked John.

“Because her stomach is so big, she can’t move a paw.” Suddenly, John and Emma both heard a faint bark. “I’d recognize that bark anywhere!” said Emma. “It’s Princess!” So, they both followed the bark all the way to Emma’s tree house. “We already looked here.” said Emma puzzled.

“But we didn’t look up there,” said John pointing up at the tree house’s roof.

Chapter 7

“I think it’s Princess!” said Emma.

“Why are there blond bears inside of the box?” asked John.

“Those aren’t bears, they’re puppies! John Adams! My beautiful Princess had babies!”

“You’re right!” replied John. “Let’s take them out!”

“Okay,” said Emma, “but be extra careful!”

“I will, don’t worry.”

“There’s three!” said Emma.

“And there is Princess!” said John. “Well, that explains why her stomach was so big! She was having pups!” So, they brought the puppies into the house where everyone was having lunch.

“Look!” she said, “Princess had puppies!”

“They’re so cute!” Said everyone at the table except for Owen. 

“Emma, your detective club is pretty bad,” he said after Emma told her family the whole story, “if you didn’t consider looking in there. Maybe you should swap out yourself and John, for me and my buddy Jackson.”

“Next time we solve a case for you, then you will take back those words,” replied Emma.

“Nah, whatever.”

“Oh, and mom this is an early Mother’s Day gift for you, since I couldn’t think of anything to get you.”

“Why thank you so much!” said her mom, wrapping her in a hug.”

“While we’re at it, Emma, do you care to explain yourself as to why my favorite game is now on level one, when it was on level 56?”

“As for you…” Emma said to him, and ran down the stairs to the garage, and reader, this story ends with a big smirk on Emma’s face, and a great big smash.

The End