A Backwards Glance

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Photo by Peter Dinella

Jim Hall leads the color guard in the 2014 Memorial Day parade.

June 2003

In June 2003, Jim Hall (pictured above) was given much-deserved recognition for his service to American Legion Post 182 and for organizing Granby’s Memorial Day parade for 33 years. This year we thank Jim for his 51st Memorial Day parade and celebration in a year that desperately needs a drum-thumping, fife-playing outing on the Green.

October 1970

The Drummer was politically correct for the time, but it certainly wouldn’t fly today! “Anyone interested in joining Citizens for a Better Granby should call Mrs. Edward Horan . . . for an application.”

May 1972

The first-ever 6.5-mile-long Granby Road Race, sponsored by the Granby Ecology Festival and the Hartford Track Club, hosted runners from Granby and several Connecticut and Massachusetts towns in 1972. It’s still being run today!

June 1982

On June 1, 1982, voters rejected the budget presented by the BOF for a second time; on June 14 it would pass on its third try with 1,151 yeas and 561 nays. BOF set the mill rate at 41.0 to support the $6,523,751 budget.

April 1984

An article titled Granby’s changed with its farms noted that, “In one decade, (1949–‘59) the [town’s] school population jumped by 695 students and the system had added six grades. Farmland became school playgrounds.”

April 1984

The Granby-Dewey Oak became the town’s official symbol on the Town of Granby seal in 1975—an interesting fact about the venerable old tree from the front page of the April 1984 issue.

December 1991

“Hail to Granby’s All-Conquering Bears!” was the December 1991 headline. The GMHS boys’ soccer team went into the NCCC Class S State Championship seeded 14th after playing an extra game to qualify. They routed the best teams in their class and took the Championship. Go Bears!