Regan provides testimony on H.B. 6626

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Bill Regan and Susan Patricelli Regan with Gloria, one of the foundation’s horses. Photo courtesy of Granby Living

On March 18, Susan Patricelli Regan, president of Foxfield F.A.R.M. Foundation gave testimony to the Connecticut Real Estate and Insurance Committee on House Bill 6626, lines 71-84, which references “An act requiring insurance coverage for equine therapy for Veterans suffering from PTSD” (originally S.B. 498 proposed by Senator John A. Kissel, CT District 7).

The opportunity to participate in the virtual legislative public hearing provided a key venue to reinforce an alternative approach to these mental challenges. The historical clinical therapies involve the use of opioids that can be addictive and have deleterious side effects. In addition, this Foxfield F.A.R.M.-trademarked groundwork program incurs less stress, is educationally trade oriented, functionally more enjoyable for the participants and, most important to Connecticut’s budget strapped status, a constructive and less expensive financial solution for curing PTSD.

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