Friends of Cossitt Library host profitable puzzle sale

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Granby residents filled their arms with mountains of puzzle boxes at the Friends of Cossitt annual sale held outside the Granby Public Library. Submitted photo

In normal times the Friends of Cossitt Library sponsors an annual Puzzle Sale to help pass away the winter shut-in times. These days we have found other reasons to be shut-in.

On March 6, the Friends of Cossitt hosted a puzzle sale outside the doors of the Granby Public Library. By 10 a.m. the temperature was a balmy 27 degrees! Volunteers arrived around 9:30 a.m. to set up tables and unpack boxes and bags of puzzles that had been donated by Granby residents over the past several months. It took six tables to handle the hundreds of puzzle boxes that had been accumulated. Puzzles were arranged by price from $1.50 to $5.

Soon a line of residents began to form as they graciously waited for volunteers to put the final touches on arrangements and a checkout table. When 10 a.m. arrived, the activity began in earnest—Granby residents being what they are, polite, friendly and courteous, soon filled their arms with mountains of puzzle boxes.

Puzzles with as few as 100 pieces and many with 1,000, quickly vanished from the tables. In fact, by 10:30 most of the items had found new homes and were speeding off for some afternoon fun.

Each year Granby practices the best of the modern recycling movement. Donated items are given to a local non-profit that resells them to a grateful new customer who in most cases, re-donates it back to The Friends of Cossitt for next year’s sale. Small town life is a wonderful thing!