Emma Watson and the Shiniest Case

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Chapter 1


“Ugh, those people have no clue how to drive,” said Emma’s mom. Emma, her sister and John were driving to the park for an Easter egg hunt. Emma and her sister were so excited, they could hardly wait. Then after what seemed like forever, they were there! “We’re here!” shouted Emma. They hopped out of the car like bunnies and ran Princess to the hunt. The first thing Emma saw was the big chocolate bunny that you could win if you found the golden egg, and with that, Reader, she was lost.

Chapter 2

“Mom! Annie! Princess! John! Where are you!?” shouted Emma. Then the Easter bunny hopped up to her, and she told him, “I’m lost!” The Easter bunny then directed her toward the crowd, and Emma saw her family. “Thanks!” The Easter bunny nodded his head in approval and hopped away.

Chapter 3

“We were so worried Emma!” said her mom when she got back.

“Yeah!” said John

“Ooga,” said Annie. Then Emma got grounded, and she wasn’t allowed to go to the egg hunt.

“Nooooooo!” shouted Emma. All the people in the park whipped their heads around to see what was going on. Emma immediately turned her yelling into a whisper. “Why can’t I go?” whispered Emma.

“You know better than to stay behind like that. Besides, you’re 10 years old.” Then in front of literally the whole town, Emma had a meltdown. Again, everyone stared at her. “For the love of Pete! Stop staring at me!”

Chapter 4

When it was time for the egg hunt, Emma stood on the fence and watched. She wished that she could go with them and find that golden egg! Suddenly, Emma’s gaze turned toward the chocolate bunny. She knew better than to go and look at it again. However, at that moment, she thought that one glimpse wouldn’t hurt. Her mom was with Princess, so she went, but she didn’t even take one step before she heard, “Emma Watson! Get over here right now!” There she was. Her mom holding onto her hand so tight, that she thought it would fall off.

Chapter 5

When the egg hunt was over, people were taking pictures with the Easter bunny. Then Annie wanted a picture with him, and he even lifted her up. “Yay! Up! Up!” shouted Annie. “At least somebody’s having a good time,” thought Emma.

Chapter 6

When Emma got home, she went up to her room with John. She reached to her bookshelf, took out her dictionary, and slammed it onto John’s lap.


“Ouch yourself. Hey John, do me a favor and look up the word metaphor in the dictionary.”

Meanwhile, Emma’s brother Owen was playing the drums. He was sitting right next to his friend Jackson and showing him a song that Jackson was having a hard time playing.

“Metaphor,” said John. “Noun. An expression in which something or somebody is described as though they were something else. For example, ‘she has a green thumb’ or ‘he has a heart of gold’.”

“Exactly,” said Emma. “Get the picture?”

“Yep, yeah,” replied John.


“See, piece of cake,” said Owen when he was done playing the song.

“Where?!” said John. “Some people never learn,” thought Emma.

Chapter 7

The next day, Emma went to the park where they were the other day for the egg hunt. Annie wanted to go on the playground, and Emma was forced to go. Emma brought her favorite book with her, and when she sat down to read it, she noticed something shiny on the ground right in front of the bench. “Could it be?” thought Emma, and she ran up to it.

Chapter 8

“It’s the golden egg!” said Emma excitedly. She put it in the pocket of her sweatshirt and ran over to the swings to read. When it was time to leave, Emma walked to the car, thinking who she should tell to give her the chocolate bunny. When they got home, Emma ran up to her room, and put the egg on her desk. Then she went downstairs to get a snack.

Chapter 9

When Emma finished eating her snack, she ran up the stairs only to find the golden egg missing! The first thing Emma did was go to her family’s phone, and call John Adams, her best friend and detective buddy. “John!” Emma shouted into the phone. “It’s missing!”

“What’s missing?” he replied. So Emma began and finished the whole story.

Chapter 10

Right when John hung up, he threw on his sweatshirt, got on his bike, and rode as fast as he could to Emma’s house. However, when he was riding, he noticed that Whiskers was with him in the bike basket. He couldn’t turn back, so he kept going. All that time, Emma had been standing at the front door, waiting for the doorbell to ring. When John got to Emma’s house, he jumped off of his bike, and ran to the front door. He rang the doorbell, and of course, Emma opened it. Then they ran to her room, only to find Emma’s mom vacuuming. “Emma?”

“Yeah mom?”

“What’s this?”

“An eggshell,” replied Emma stating the obvious.

“Have you been baking in here?”

“Um…” said Emma putting the pieces of the puzzle together for what to say next. “I’ll handle this,” she said.

“You better,” said her mom. With that, she went back to vacuuming.

 Chapter 11

“No way,” said John. “You’re not a chef.” This time Emma got her computer out.

“Search up the word metaphor,” she said.

“I already did.”

“Well, then you should know that I am not a chef.”


“Meoooow,” screeched Whiskers. “Meoooow,” he screeched again.

“Is that a new trick of his, or does he take singing lessons?” asked Emma.

“Neither” replied John.

“Let’s go see what’s up.”

“I already know what’s up,” replied John.

“You do?”

“Sure, looks like you’ve never looked up at the sky. For your information, the sky is up, the sun, clouds, and sometimes, even airplanes and helicopters are up!”

“Ugh. Not in the sky!” said Emma. “I meant, what’s up with Whiskers! As in, what’s wrong with Whiskers.” 

“Oh yeah!” said John.

“Oh, and also by the way, I have looked up at the sky like a bazillion times.”

Chapter 12

“Aroooooo!” howled Princess. The animals were in a big screeching / howling fit. So, Emma and John ran up to them to see what was wrong. They looked, and looked, until they found a chick! “What in the world is a chick doing in my house?” asked Emma alarmed.”

“No clue!” said John. “Get it? We’re detectives, and we search for clues!” Emma just rolled her eyes and said, “Even people who aren’t detectives use that term John.” John just shrugged his shoulders. Then Emma thought of something. She then ran up to her room without even telling John where she was going, or what she was doing. “It’s a chick!”

“Yeah. That much I know.”

“Yeah, but it all comes together like a puzzle now!”

“If that was supposed to be a joke, it wasn’t funny. Mine about the clues was funnier.”

“Well, it wasn’t supposed to be a joke at all!” replied Emma, irritated.

“Ah, so that’s why it wasn’t funny.”

“Forget the joke, let’s move on.”

“Move on to what?”

“John, never go to college to be a professional detective.”

“I don’t think there’s even such a profession.”

“Even better.”

“As I was saying, I found a golden egg at the park, and I lost it. So maybe that wasn’t the real golden egg from the hunt, instead, maybe somebody lost it, or it rolled away.”

“How do you know that the surprise in the golden egg wasn’t a chick?” asked John

“Just stick to the story. As I was saying before you interrupted me, there is a farm next to the park.”

“Oh yeah,” replied John. “You should go to detective college if there is such thing.”

“Ha ha,” replied Emma.

“And I should go to joking college!”


“But as I was saying before you interrupted me…”

“I never interrupted you,” said Emma, which stopped John mid-sentence.

“Well, you just did. Let’s just say this before you interrupt me again. Why was the egg golden!?”

“Well, Allie and Thomas from school live at the farm, maybe they were painting Easter eggs, and one of them with a chick happened to roll away!”


Chapter 13

Emma asked her brother to drive them over to Allie’s and Thomas’, and he agreed. Before, Emma had taken a plastic container, and poked holes in the lid for the chick. When they were driving, she put the container on her lap. When they got there, they asked Allie and Thomas if they were missing any eggs that they painted. “Yes!” said Allie, “and I painted it golden!”

“Well, Emma found it at the park,” said John, and together, Emma and John told the story together with many interruptions along the way.

Chapter 14

When they finished, Emma took the chick out of the container, and showed them the chick. “Awww! It’s so cute!” So, Emma gave them the chick, and left with a smile that spread from ear to ear.

“I think that Allie should go to chicken college. Did you see how well she took care of the chick, and how gentle she was with it?” asked John.

“Enough with the colleges already,” said Emma.


Chapter 15

“Wake up!” shouted Owen. “It’s Easter!” Emma jumped out of bed, surprised, and ran outside with her robe on, to see what was inside her basket. “A chocolate bunny! Thank you so much, Easter bunny!” So, she unwrapped it, and started eating.

“I don’t know how you consume that much chocolate,” said John.

“Magic,” replied Emma, with her mouth stuffed. “And pure yumminess.”

“Well at least we solved the case,” said John.

“Yup,” said Emma, stuffing another piece of chocolate into her mouth.

“This case is closed,” said John, starting to eat his own chocolate bunny that he received, but it was way smaller than Emma’s. With that, they high fived each other. And not only did John receive a high-five, he also received a big brown chocolate stain on his hand.

The End

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