Making good use of COVID down time

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Crocheting or knitting is a delightful hobby that can fill a need as well as fill your downtime in these days of COVID.

Sick of COVID? I know I am. It started out okay—lots of time at home. Time to both work from home and start getting to long overdue projects in and around the house. With the spring weather ahead of us, the annual cleanup went into full swing. Mulching, mowing, trimming, yup, got it all done. Then summer came and the heat and humidity drove us indoors or under a tree to keep cool.

So, time for a hobby and time to get some more people involved. I was hoping to do something that would help others as well as make good use of my down time. I’ve been crocheting for several years now and talked a few friends and family members into joining me. We’ve made all kinds of things: blankets, hats, gloves, scarves.

While the weather was good, we met on someone’s front porch, yard, Salmon Brook Park or the Town Green. It was nice to catch up with friends while still maintaining the six-feet-apart decree. Now that the weather is too cold to meet up outside, we have a hard time finding a warm enough day to meet up. But the crocheting continues!

However, what to do with these created items? We started calling around to see if/where there was a need. We found out that because of COVID, the need is very high. Windsor and East Granby were very happy to receive our crocheted items, as was Holy Trinity Church in Hartford. Now we know there is a need, we continue to crochet away. Every few weeks we gather up a bagful of items and deliver to whatever organization can use them. 

We found out that we were not the only ones filling some of our time with fiber crafts. Many stores around here that offer yarn were very low in their stock. Online was no better. People seem to be knitting and crocheting more than ever. Lucky for us, a lot of the yarn we have was donated. A knitting and crochet group in Harwinton had to terminate their program and we were the recipients of their yarn stash.

Start a hobby! Maybe not a fiber one, but there has to be something out there that is calling your name. It helps make you feel productive. Remember, no one knows if you cleaned your house today—it can wait.