Emma Watson and the Yummiest Case

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Chapter 1


“Coming mom!” Today was the week before Valentine’s Day and Emma and her mom were going present shopping. Emma and her brother got out of the car and ran to the store. They all split up and agreed that they would all meet back up at 10 in their mom’s car. “It is 9” Emma muttered to herself, “So I have an hour.” Reader, you should also know very well that Emma inhaled chocolate. Whether it was white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, she loved it.

Chapter 2

Emma checked her watch. It was 9:40, and she still didn’t have a present for her mom or dad. She already had a balloon for her little sister and a drum book for her brother. All of the sudden she saw a beautiful sweater that was pink with red hearts. Her mom would love that! Then she put it in her basket and went hunting for a present to give to her dad. Now, reader you must know that it was already after 10 and Emma didn’t know.

Chapter 3

When her mom was starting to get worried, she searched the entire store especially the chocolate sections, because as you already know, Emma loved chocolate almost more than anything. Emma at that time in fact was in the chocolate section, but she was covered by a lady that was also looking at the chocolate. Her mom knew better than to just leave the section, so she looked from the other side of it, but Emma was already in the other one. But reader, you should know that Emma wasn’t looking for a present to give to her dad. Instead, she was admiring all the beautiful chocolate on the shelves.

Chapter 4

As soon as Emma got a good look at each and every chocolate, she looked at her watch. “Goodness Gracious! It’s 10:15, and I still don’t have a present for my dad!” She was panicked. So, Emma without even noting what she was doing, went to the tools section, picked up a random screwdriver, and paid what she owed the store. Reader, you must know that that very screwdriver had a destiny, and it is your destiny to find out what it was.

Chapter 5

As soon as Emma got to the car, she got a good scold, and then they drove back home. When they got there, Emma ran up to her room, and admired each and every one of the presents she bought. But then she noticed something on top of the screwdriver. It was a tag, Emma read it. It read, “Congratulations! You have won a Valentine’s Day prize! Please meet up with us at the town square at noon on Feb. 7.” That was today! And right now! So, without even thinking that it was her dad’s present, and not hers, she ran her dog Princess to the town square.

Chapter 6

When Emma got there, there were two men dressed in heart suits, holding a whole box of chocolates just for Emma! Emma ran up to them, showed them the tag, and snatched the chocolates from the man’s hands. Then she ran to the nearest bench and sat down. She opened the box but then saw a snowman being built, and she ate one chocolate, and ran over to help the kids who were building the snowman. But reader, you should know that the dog was left behind.

Chapter 7

As Princess was playing with the box, the chocolates spilled out. Princess got really scared, and she leaped away from the box. She then ran over to Emma, and wrapped her tail around her feet, and she couldn’t move. Emma reached down and unwrapped Princess from her feet while having a carrot in her hand. When she was done, she reached up to put the carrot on the snowman, but before she got a chance to, Princess leaped up, and snatched the carrot out of Emma’s hand.

Chapter 8

When Emma and her friends finished building the snowman with a new carrot, she went back to the bench only to find Princess gnawing on the box of chocolates. But that of course was not what she saw first. She first saw the spilled chocolates on the ground, and they were all either halves, or torn up pieces. Emma snatched the box out of Princess’s mouth. Then she saw her detective buddy John Adams. They loved solving mysteries. From stolen ice cream, to a secret admirer, anything was possible for Emma Watson, and John Adams. Then, Emma ran over to John and his cat Whiskers.

Chapter 9

When Emma told John about the chocolates, he was stunned. “Who would wreck chocolates on the ground?”

“No clue.” replied Emma. So, they went over to Kate’s bakery, and got a cup of hot cocoa. Kate was their favorite chef in all of New York City. When they finished, they thanked Kate and went for a walk, and Emma held Whiskers. She patted his head and fed him a treat. A little while later, John asked Emma if she wanted a piece of hard candy. “Of course!” replied Emma with no hesitation. When John went to give Emma the hard candy, he stopped like he would’ve been frozen.

Chapter 10

“Are you gonna give me the candy or what!?” Emma shouted impatiently.  

“I will, but once you tell me what that thing is on your hand.” Emma looked at her left hand. “No!” “The right one!”

“So which hand is the right hand, the left one or the right one?” This time John just pointed to the hand that had the mark on it. “Ah. That hand.”

“Yup. That one right there.” John replied exasperated.

“Well, John Adams, detective and spy of the crew, I’ll tell you one and only one thing. I do not have a freckle on my right hand.” Emma said sternly. But the only thing that was wrong with that sentence was that she had a freckle on her right hand, which was perfectly in sight. And with that, they did what they always did. They retraced their steps. “Well, I had gloves on when I was building the snowman. In fact, I had gloves on all day!” said Emma. “The only time I took them off, was when I was petting Whiskers.” “Wait a second. This mark is brown, and so is chocolate, so that must mean…” Well reader it is your job to find out what that means.

Chapter 11

“It’s chocolate!” both detectives shouted at once. So, with that, they searched Whiskers high and low until he was screeching. “Found it!” shouted Emma. There was chocolate all over Whiskers’ paws, and some on his whiskers! “Well now we know who our thief is!” And then Whiskers got his scold. “This case is closed!” shouted Emma, pumping her fist in the air.

“It sure is,” said John. “It sure is.”

The End

My name is Nell Gorbal and I am 10 years old. I am a fifth grader in The Masters School. I love crafting, playing the piano and saxophone. I also love to read and write. My all-time favorite author is Kate Dicamillo. I spend most of my free time coming up with crafts, paintings, and drawings. In addition to that, I enjoy cooking with my mom in the kitchen, building things and skating with my dad.

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