And then there were three

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Photo courtesy of James Hall, American Legion Post 182.

Bruno Brown in the 1955 Granby Memorial Day parade, seated and wearing his Spanish-American War uniform. Jeep driver is Pete Peterson. Also in picture are Don Beckwith and Paul Hearns.

Last month I discussed two native Granby residents, Harry Wilcox and William Case as having served in the Spanish-American War in 1898. They were born in Granby, but lived outside of Granby after the war.

Bruno Brown lived in Granby after the Spanish American War, but was not originally a Granby native. Brown was born in Germany and moved to the United States in 1881. For the duration of the war, Brown served in the Army coastal artillery forces at Fort Williams, Maine. One of his duties included looking for the Spanish Navy coming up the Maine coast.

After the war, he married Annie Gertrude and had two children. His first born, Bert, was born in Portland, Maine and his second was Margie, born in Warren, Ohio.

In 1919 Brown moved to Granby and in 1941 became a citizen of the United States. According to his immigration papers, he lived in North Granby and was a farmer residing in a small cabin on Silver Street. Shown in the photograph, Brown served as the Honorary Marshal in the 1955 Granby Memorial Day Parade.

Bruno Brown died at the Rocky Hill Veteran’s hospital three days before his 83rd birthday. He is buried in the Granby Cemetery with a military tombstone.

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