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Bears Broadcast members (l to r): Jacob Shine, Cooper Boyd, Nick Boyd, Owen Danke

Two industrious GHMS seniors did not let the pandemic put a damper on the fall and winter sport seasons. Recognizing the need for parents, families and students to feel connected to the various sporting events during a season with limited spectatorship, Nick Boyd and Owen Danke took matters into their own hands.

Perhaps you’ve been able to enjoy the live stream of home GMHS field hockey and soccer games this season on their website: or 

Nick and Owen, co-founders of the GMHS Bears Broadcast Club, initially approached principal Michael Dunn and athletic director Brian Maltese with a suggestion to broadcast games and other school events as a way for the community to view its students in action. When asked about the club’s origin, Nick said, “We knew we couldn’t replace ‘packing the den’ but we wanted to find a way to make the school year feel more normal.”

The boys received the school’s support and ran with it, initially using some of their own equipment. After the positive reviews began to pour in from Bears fans literally all over the country, the boys decided to take their project to the next level and seek upgrades for their equipment.

Nick and Owen submitted a grant proposal to the Granby Education Foundation requesting funds for the purchase of new camera equipment, microphones and computer hardware. The GEF granted $2,600 to the Bears Broadcast Club and this amount was matched by a donation from the Granby Boosters Club. The current student broadcasters will simultaneously educate and train incoming members in using the new equipment, while providing the high school with the ability to live stream sports, student events, concerts, coffeehouses and drama productions.

Although the impetus was COVID-driven, the club plans to make live streaming of GMHS events a staple going forward. Nick and Owen noted “the excitement over the live broadcasts could also stir up interest for a student-run morning newscast at GMHS, which would be a great thing.”

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Broadcasters live-stream the girls soccer NCCC-West Championship game on a cold and rainy afternoon. Photos by Kathy Boyd