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Behind the scenes, a huge amount of preparation went into hosting the largest election turnout in Granby history—during a pandemic. Granby had a turnout of 88.43 percent, with 7,398 ballots cast, out of 8,366 eligible voters. We owe a huge, heartfelt thank you to all who helped put this together:

To our hosts, the staff at Granby Memorial High School, who provides an excellent, safe and accessible polling place.

To the Granby Public Works team who seamlessly moved our ever-growing piles of election equipment and signs to the school and back to Town Hall. In addition, this year they created the Plexiglas shields for our checker tables, hand sanitizer stations, and additional signage to keep everyone safe.

To the Granby Police officers and Community Emergency Response Team for guiding cars with our poll worker volunteers safely throughout a very long and difficult day.

To our tireless Town Clerk Karen Hazen and her staff who processed all of those absentee ballots and election paperwork with the help of a record-absentee volunteer crew led by Paul Willis and Dan Wolfe.

To the best poll working crew in the state who set a new standard for safe and fast, friendly and cheerful efficiency during a pandemic led by moderators Patti Sansone and Diane Hernsdorf. 

To our largest Election Day Registration crew led by Tammy Tanner and Jane Reardon.

And to our exceptional Head Moderator, Terri-Ann Hahn who reviewed and posted the totals.

The unfaltering expectation that every detail would be executed precisely was maintained throughout the preparation and on Election Day. The diligence of all of these partners, and over 200 citizens who volunteered, is directly responsible for the success of our election. The heart of the election, though, is undoubtedly each and every registered voter that participated. The weeks leading to Election Day saw a steady increase in those that registered or updated their voter status in preparation for Nov. 3. The option for all Connecticut voters to cast an absentee ballot and avoid possible COVID-19 exposure at the polls added another layer of new processes to learn about and consider. 

Records set

So many records were broken during this tumultuous election season, here are a few highlights:

Most absentee ballots counted: Presidential Primary – 1,167 and November Election – 2,865 

Most voter registrations processed in one year: Nov. 2019 to Nov. 2020 – 3,102 registrations

Most poll worker and moderator training sessions: 30 classes held, over 200 participants

Largest Granby Voter Registry: 8,366 Voters

Highest number of ballots cast in Granby – 7,398

Our hope is that each of us gleans a lesson from Election 2020 and carries it productively forward for the future. Thanks to each of you who voted for sharing your voice. Granby displayed a strong patriotic commitment to vote, and to vote safely in 2020. Our commitment to vote in all elections, municipal and national, in the future is fundamental to our continued voice.

Stop by to register to vote, figure out your voting district or make corrections in person at the Registrars’ Office in the Town Hall every Wednesday, our regular office hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note you can register online or get the voter registration form at town halls, libraries, DMV offices and at the Secretary of State’s website,

Online voter registration is available for new voters or to make changes seven days a week at

Voter registration can be verified at

Questions? Please contact Laura Wolfe and Sonja Smith, at 860-844-5322 or