New children’s book useful during pandemic

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Cover of Sylvia Crunden’s new book, Please Don’t Pop My Bubble! Submitted photo

Author Sylvia Crunden self-published Please Don’t Pop My Bubble!, a very timely children’s book about maintaining personal space, friendship and problem-solving. Crunden lives in Avon and teaches in Colebrook, but grew up in West Hartland. She is an experienced elementary teacher with degrees in psychology and elementary education, and feels her first children’s book is equally useful for the challenges we are facing with COVID, normal personal space boundary setting and works well for children with sensory issues.

Crunden was inspired to write this book for her two nephews and for her students. She has experience in applying problem solving within group and team settings through playing softball and volleyball, and her work as a certified EMT and firefighter.

Book orders may be placed by visiting her website,