Girl Scouts build a library in Salmon Brook Park

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Photo by Whitney Sanzo

One of the first customers for the new little library at Salmon Brook Park.

On Election Day, as crowds of Granby residents made their way to the polls, Girl Scout Troop 66192 made its way to Salmon Brook Park to complete the installation of a little library.

Little libraries are small book-sharing boxes where community members take or leave books. These charming vessels are popping up in communities and offer access to books in a simple self-serve manner.  Now Granby residents have access to this library at the park.

Troop 66192 is a second-year junior troop with 10 Granby girls. The little library was the troop’s take action project idea to complete the Think Like an Engineer Journey.

Before COVID, the troop came up with the idea at a meeting and brainstormed where they thought it should go in Granby. Most of the girls had seen little libraries in other towns. During COVID, they designed the little library at a Zoom meeting. The girls came together and offered up their ideas and shared inspiration with images of other little libraries. From there they agreed on color and overall design, including locking mechanism.

During this time the troop also reached out to Program Specialist Terri Ziemnicki at Salmon Brook Park who asked her manager who liked the idea. Unfortunately, everything was shut down so while it was approved it was not possible to install right away. 

As they awaited the opening of the park, the troop got to work. This was not their first building project. Last year they built bat houses for their animal habitat badge and donated one to Wells Road School. However, building a little library was a bit more complex. Troop leader Marie Hutchinson researched kits and decided to go with and selected a kit that met the girls’ criteria, using troop funds raised selling Girl Scout Cookies the previous year.

The girls were split into two small groups and built the kit in an open garage. One girl could not attend so the kit was dropped off for her to help. Another girl was quarantined, and the kit was dropped off for her help. Each member of the troop found a way to help and donated children’s books to fill the library.

The little library was installed and opened for business on Nov. 3. It is located between the administrative and pond buildings for all to use and enjoy.

Granby Girl Scouts are proud members of the Granby Community Fund. The girls look forward to their local community enjoying the little library for years to come and in turn greatly appreciate your support by contributing to the Granby Community Fund or by buying delicious Girl Scout Cookies. Cookie Season is coming!