Registrars of Voters

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Vote safely—
Use your absentee ballot

Only 31 percent of the town’s voters have requested absentee ballots as of Oct. 16. If you wisely chose to do so, you should have received your ballot in the mail. We implore you to put your completed ballot in the drop box in front of Town Hall before Election Day. Any ballots dropped off on Nov. 3 will not be counted until it is verified the voter has not also voted at the polls.

If you misplaced the application sent to you in September, there is still an opportunity to vote absentee. Go online to get a blank application: 

Or stop by the Town Clerk’s office for a hard copy. Please return the completed absentee application to the Town Clerk immediately and plan to wait for the processing—there is no longer time to mail your ballot. Due to the pandemic, Town Hall has limited hours, 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m.—expect to wait outside to ensure social distancing. You can use the official ballot drop box in front of Town Hall to deposit your completed ballot.

Please get your application in as soon as possible to help the Town Clerk deal with the unprecedented volume expected. Carefully read the instructions and put your completed ballot in the official ballot drop box. Use both envelopes provided. If you are a brand new voter who has never shown ID, you need to enclose a copy of proof of identity in the outer envelope—the inner envelope is just for your ballot.

Do NOT bring absentee ballots to the polls; the polling place is exclusively for in-person voting. 

Please be aware if you have given the Town Clerk a ballot by 5 p.m. on Nov. 2 then your name will be crossed off the voter lists in red, and you cannot vote at the polls on Nov. 3. Any absentee ballots dropped off on Nov. 3 will NOT be counted if we find that the voter came to the polls to vote on Election Day

Top reasons for rejection of absentee ballots in Granby

Forgetting to use both envelopes, forgetting to sign the inner envelope and not sealing as directed. Read carefully and follow the directions. NEVER SHARE envelopes, each voter must use their own issued envelopes.

Invalid signature on the inner envelope. The signature must match the person to whom the ballot was issued. Family members and those with power of attorney cannot vote a ballot for someone else.

Received after Election Day. Only ballots received by the Town Clerk by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 will be counted. There is no grace period, no check of postmarks.

Verify you are registered before going to the polls

Voters need to be aware that voter registration is non-transferable. If you moved recently, you need to register at your new address. Currently there is a seven-day registration deadline, whether it is done online, mail-in or in person. There are a few exceptions: for brand new residents (within the last week before the election), handicapped and military. Please review the calendar below for these deadlines. The Registrars strongly recommend going online at dir.ct.giv/sots/lookup.aspx to check your registration and ensure your right to vote. 

IVS Ballot Marking System is
available for everyone

A touch screen voting option is available for those who have trouble using a pen, or seeing the ballot. This system can also read aloud the ballot to a voter, allowing everyone to vote privately and independently. It is a printer ballot marking system that fills the ovals as requested by the voter.

Calendar Review

Official Drop Box for Ballots and Applications is open 24/7 in front of Town Hall.

Monday, Nov. 2: Last day to register for brand new residents, military, handicap

Monday, Nov. 2: Voter registration at Registrars’ office in Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Election Day polls open at 6 a.m., close at 8 p.m., GMHS Community Gym


Contact the registrars, Laura Wolfe and Sonja Smith, at 860-844-5322 or