Public Works

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Transfer Station hours: the transfer station will be open 8 a.m. to noon on Wednesdays through Nov. 18.

Trash Holiday: Thursday, Nov. 26 —Thanksgiving—is a holiday for Paine’s. All Thursday and Friday trash pickups will be delayed by one day that week. 

Confused about which holidays will mean a change in your pickup schedule? Sign up for e-mail alerts from Paine’s. Don’t worry, they won’t swamp your inbox. Notifications are only sent if there is a holiday or weather event that will affect trash service. Sign up at

Extra Trash: What do you do if you have extra trash? Town approved “extra trash” bags are available for purchase at $2 each. Paine’s will pick up ONLY these designated purple bags. Place the purple bags next to your trash barrel on your regular trash day. The “extra trash” bags are available at Granby Public Works, 52 North Granby Road Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. or from the Transfer Station attendant during Transfer Station hours.

Storm damage: This has certainly been a busy year dealing with damage caused by Mother Nature throughout our town.  During the recent storms, the DPW has worked diligently to clean up the damage in an efficient manner.  

Here is a brief overview of what the DPW does during and after a storm. We prioritize our cleanup efforts to focus on the most dangerous trees that impact the traveling public. We work closely with the Granby Police Department to close roads and warn motorists in areas where trees are in the wires.  Once we have dealt with the road closures, we can begin to remove trees from the roads. If a tree does not involve wires, we immediately move it off the roadway. For trees that are in or near wires, we must wait for Eversource. Once Eversource has shut off the power and deemed that the area is safe, we can begin removing these trees.

Next, we will remove any broken limbs hanging over the road. From there, we work to clean up any damaged tree that is on town property. Depending on the storm and the amount of damage, it may take days before we get back to clean up debris from a town tree. Please contact the DPW if you have any questions or concerns regarding a tree near your property.