Election Update

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Pandemic will force long line outside on Nov. 3

For the Presidential Election on Nov. 3, many new precautions are being implemented to ensure the safety of both poll workers and voters. If you come to the polls, plan for a long wait, be patient, wear a mask, and dress warmly—it will take lots of extra time to vote. We are expecting between 5,000 and 6,000 people to vote in person on Nov. 3. The CDC guidelines for social distancing and maximum capacity for indoors will necessitate lines waiting outside of the building. 

To speed check-in at the polls, have your photo ID handy. Should you not have your photo ID, there is a form used to swear and attest to your identity. It must be completed at the moderator’s table but that is only possible if you have previously proven your identity. Brand new voters who did not present an ID at registration are required to have an ID or they will be issued a provisional ballot.

Parking spaces will fill quickly with longer voting times

We are anticipating over 300 cars per hour, so please be patient. Anticipated heavy traffic will necessitate a one-way traffic pattern—enter using the North Granby Road/ Route 189 entrance next to Public Works and exit using the Salmon Brook Street/Route 10/202 exit, next to the middle school.

If you are concerned about voting during the pandemic, the Registrars advise you to vote by absentee ballot.

For more voting information, click here.