Business support group formed

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Granby Moving Forward was started by a group of like-minded professionals and residents who want to make sure the citizens of Granby have the necessary resources they need to overcome obstacles caused by COVID-19, and any future hardships that may come our way. The group will work in conjunction with the Granby Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

The Chamber will be providing information to its members regarding this project. For those that are not Chamber members, our intent is to reach out via social media and publications such as The Granby Drummer. It is hoped that businesses that are flourishing will step up and help those that are struggling.

Granby Moving Forward’s mission is to:

• Work with local businesses on helping them reestablish sales and become profitable.

• Provide advice and guidance for workers who have lost jobs and need help being reemployed.

• Provide advice and counseling to people who need help across all aspects of their lives as it relates to pandemic experiences.

• Offer regular meetings to answer questions related to concerns people may have. If the group does not have the relevant resources, it will reach out to other entities for additional help.

Point-person, John Myers, will determine what types of services an individual might need and then refer them to the appropriate parties for assistance. This will avoid business people getting numerous calls during their workday. We have set up a Facebook page that we can link to the Chamber and vice versa.

“We will be approaching any business contacts or friends who can provide any support outlined above,” Myers said. Here is a list of services people have committed to helping with: financial advice, marketing and technology, legal, insurance (health, business, life), job coaching and training and resume assistance, physical and mental well-being and small business sales advice. 

If you would like to volunteer your time or need assistance, please send an email to Myers ( or visit the Facebook group page (Granby Moving Forward). 

Please let the group know if you have any questions. It is excited about the prospect of working together to help the residents and businesses in Granby recover and thrive.