Self-Guided Hike along Holcomb Tree Trail

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There are about 40 mature trees with identification tags along this self-guided route that is approximately two miles long. See how many you can find. There are also about three dozen young trees recently planted along the mowed paths in the fields that are also worth exploring. Walk along the mowed paths (approximately one mile) to view these trees before returning to the parking area.

The hike starts and ends at the main campus of the Holcomb Farm at 113 Simsbury Road in West Granby. This hike is best done following the clockwise route described below for optimal viewing of the tree identification tags. For a map of the trail and a corresponding list of its trees, go to and, under the “Trails” tab, select “Holcomb Tree Trail.”


° Cross the intersection of Simsbury Road and Day Street South to the trailhead.

° Follow the gravel farm road into the upper farm fields.

° Turn left at “woods trails” sign and follow the mowed path along the perimeter of the potato field, past several of the newly planted trees.

° Enter the woods at the northeast corner of the potato field and turn right onto the Blue Trail at Trail Signpost L

° Continue on the Blue Trail to Trail Signpost Q, then take the Red Trail.

° Continue on the Red Trail to Trail Signpost P. Two special locations of note are a joined pair of large oaks on the right, one is a black oak and the other is a white oak. A little further along on the left is a paper birch with the bear claw marks below the tree identification sign.

° Continue on the Red Trail to sign post O. At signpost O, you can either proceed up hill on the Orange Trail or continue on the Red trail to Trail Signpost M. 

° Take the Red Trail back to the southeast field (Please note there is a trail off to the left onto private property). This field is not mowed.

° Walk west along the uphill edge of the southeast field back toward the potato field.

° Follow the mowed path past the pond on your left and turn right to go along southeastern edge of the potato field to find several more marked trees on the eastern tree line.

° You can add a short extra loop along the Red Trail in the “labyrinth” to see more marked trees and take the short path back to the fields.