Favarh appreciates the Granby Community Fund

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Favarh, which provides programs and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in and around Granby, is very grateful and appreciative of the funding that we received from the Granby Community Fund during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the direction of the Department of Developmental Services, Favarh closed all of its day congregate settings on March 17. Since then, Favarh’s focus has been to provide the essential care and services to our 49 residential participants and to keep our employees safely working. We view all work currently being done at the agency is essential.

During this time, we have not laid off or furloughed employees. Employees who wish to work in essential agency positions have the opportunity to work. In addition, due to Federal Cares and other legislations, and in addition to existing generous paid time off benefits (PTO), we have paid generous FMLA, emergency PTO and sick leave benefits to employees who cannot work due to COVID-19 related situations. In addition, we are offering Hero Incentives (retention incentives) to all employees who are working. Our goal is to retain employees, ensure they and their families are safe and that Favarh is in a position to be fully staffed when we are able to open all of our programs.

All of these new benefits have increased our employee payroll and benefit costs. In addition, we have spent significant effort and money securing PPE supplies for all of our essential employees and specifically residential employees. We expect our increased supplies cost for this effort to be $200,000 to $250,000 through May. At this point, thankfully, all of our residences are COVID-19 free. That in part is due to the support that Granby Community Fund has provided to our organization. The fund has played an important role in our successful efforts to ensure that our residents remain healthy and that we are able to keep our invaluable staff employed.

We thank you.