The Granby Land Trust invites you to become a member

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The Granby Land Trust has posted a new sign on the Godard Preserve on Donahue Road. The sign tells the story of the Godard Family who owned this land since colonial times, and Paul Beach Godard, in whose name the property was donated to the Land Trust. Last fall, the GLT posted a similar sign on the Seth and Lucy Holcombe Preserve. Next up? The Mary Edwards Mountain Property. We plan to post that sign by the end of May.

During the quarantine, many people have found joy and solace on Granby Land Trust properties. We are pleased to serve our community in this manner—giving people safe alternatives for outdoor recreation during this difficult time.

Of course, the credit really goes to our donors and members who support the Granby Land Trust. We could not possibly manage the number of acres and the miles of trails in our possession without the support of our members.

If you’ve discovered the joy of hiking Granby Land Trust trails over the last few weeks, we hope you will join the Granby Land Trust. We can’t offer our members discounts on hikes (they’re already free) or exclusive access to trails (they’re open to all), but we can offer you the satisfaction of doing the right thing and supporting an organization that is vitally important to the character of our town. In addition, once we can do things together again, you will receive invitations to special GLT hikes and educational events.

Membership starts at just $30 for your whole family. Please help us continue to preserve Granby’s beautiful places by joining today. Go to and click on “membership,” or simply mail your contribution to Granby Land Trust, P.O. Box 23, Granby, CT 06035. Include your name and email address so we can reach you.

And if you are looking for new hiking adventures, please visit We are so fortunate to live where we do and we hope you find joy on our trails this spring.

Last fall, a team of Granby Land Trust volunteers, led by GLT board member and Master Gardener Eric Lukingbeal, planted 700 daffodil bulbs on the property around the Dewey-Granby Oak. Little did we know then how desperately we’d need to see the flowers’ sunny faces this spring. We send our thanks to Eric, Dave Emery, Steve Perry, Shirley Murtha and Dennis McGlynn for participating in the planting; and we look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor for years to come.

In response to concerns about overcrowding in state parks and on popular hiking trails, the Granby Land Trust and the Friends of Holcomb Farm combined forces to create special Covid-19 signage for our trails. Until guidance changes, please observe social distancing guidelines when walking our trails. Please always keep dogs leashed. And if the trail gets crowded, please choose a different route. Thank you.